How to Make a Striking Impression at an Exhibition?

How to Make a Striking Impression at an Exhibition?


Exhibitions can serve as a great source of leads for your business. It has been observed that many companies utilize this opportunity to boost their marketing and sales targets. Exhibiting being a costly affair, it is important to spend your time and money wisely. In order to get the best return on your exhibit investment make sure you have visitors at your creative stand.

As per the exhibition industry research, 79% of visitors purchase decisions for their business are based on their experience at the event and there are likely chances of them sharing their experience with more than six people. To make your stand stand-out from the crowd and create a memorable experience for your potential customers, you need to look for bespoke exhibition stands that help you stand out from the sea of exhibitors.

Evolve your Idea

One of the most essential things to make an impact at an exhibition is to bring in something new and inspiring, something that is unique and engaging. This could only be possible through creative exhibition stand design ideas that are distinct. The exhibition stands design play an important role in conveying the right marketing message to your target audience. You need to come up with innovative ways to present your brand differently.

Make your Stand Interactive

Every exhibitor participates with a common motive to make a good impression and then make a sale. So, how do you establish your brand in a remarkable way in a crowd of thousands of exhibitors? Look for exhibition stand design ideas to make your booth interactive. You could incorporate an interactive technology in your stands such as demonstrate your product through VR (Virtual Reality) or interactive screens which will certainly help in drawing attention at the event. Include Exhibition stand design ideas in your stand like organize games or contests that will excite your audience and at the same time get them involved with your brand.

Plan your Budget

As we mentioned above to carefully invest in an exhibition and it is only possible through prudently planning your expense way before the event. Planning on your budget will help you scrutinize your exhibition stand design ideas and choose accordingly. Preparing for your exhibition ahead of time will give a proper buffer time to avoid any last-minute changes. Look for a company who provide a complete service for bespoke exhibition stands; right from construction, logistics to installing and dismantling. This will save a lot of your time and money.

Caring for your Customer

Exhibitions are exhausting and often leave your customers feeling somewhat tired. By offering a relaxing space with a comfortable seating area will help them retrieve the energy lost in the hustle and bustle of the event. This serves as one of the excellent exhibition stand design ideas as attendees are likely to stop by your stand. Simple exhibition stands ideas such as distributing refreshments and having a charging station will enable them to spend time at your stand whilst hopefully captivating your brand message.

Have the Right Staff

Though this point is often overlooked, it is essential to understand that your staffs play a vital role in making or breaking of your brand at an exhibition. Once a visitor is attracted to your booth through the various exhibition stand design ideas mentioned above, it is down to the staff present at your stand to hook them to your brand. Have trained and skilled staffs that have a good knowledge of your brand. Also, make sure that a senior member of your team is always present at your creative stand. This will show your commitment to the exhibition and provide your customer with an immediate face-to-face interaction with the business decision makers.

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