How to steal the show at exhibitions

Getting the desired attention from your target audience at an exhibition can be quite challenging. With so many brands and companies participating at any given exhibition, one needs to put extra effort to stand out in the crowd. To help you we bring 6 ideas that can help you steal the show at exhibitions.

1. Bespoke Exhibition StandsAt an exhibition every brand is identified by its booths. Since there are various brands showcasing at an exhibition, many brands might end up with similar exhibition stand design. One of the simplest ways to stand out among other brands is by investing in a bespoke or custom exhibition stand. It is very unlikely that two custom exhibition stands will resemble each other. This instantly gives a unique identity to your brand and stand at the exhibition. Bespoke or custom stands are slightly more than expensive but they are definitely worth the price.

2. Unique Exhibition Stand Design IdeasNever underestimate the power of a unique and exclusive stand design. If you do not want to invest in a bespoke stand you can amp up your existing stand with good exhibition stand design or unique design ideas. Adding uncommon elements to your basic stand can instantly change the whole look of your booth making it seem exclusive. Use the mascot or elements of the brand’s marketing campaign to bring exclusivity to your booth design. The whole point is to make your booth look more appealing and welcoming than the rest of the booths at the exhibition.

3. Thorough Research on CompetitorsA good practice before booking your exhibition stand and even the exhibition stand builder is to check out your competitors at the exhibition. You can research and study what your competitor’s strategies have been in the past when they participate in exhibitions. You can also look at images of the previous year’s exhibition to gauge the magnitude of the event and the kind of stands and booth your competitors had. Based on this knowledge you can finalize your exhibition stand builder and the stand design.

4. Stunning Exhibition Stand GraphicAn effective way to get noticed by the crowd at an exhibition is by installing eye catching stand graphics. The graphics you install at your booth serve more purposes than you realize. They not only add color to your booth but also imprint your key message in the audience’s mind. Visuals have more impact on the memory than written words and hence one must be extremely careful while picking out images to be installed on the exhibition stand. Strategic placement of graphics gives good visibility to the booth at an exhibition. It also helps your audience to identify your stand in the pool of various booths.

5. Fun Activities –   Most exhibitions have a business-like atmosphere hence organizing some interactive activity at your booth can be breadth of fresh air.  Considering your brand image and audience you can indulge in some fun activities at your exhibition stand to pull the crowd.  A little bit of fun and games will help your audience to remember your brand way after the event is over. It effectuates positive memories and increases brand recall value. Just make sure that the activities you select are in sync with your brand image.

6. Personalized MerchandizeWhat better to steal the show at an exhibition by gifting your clients and customers by some fun personalized merchandise! Giveaways are a good way of saying thank you while subtly advertising your brand. Your giveaways can be monogrammed cups or even redeemable coupons, they just need to strike a chord with the audience and reinforce your brand image. Giveaways pull tremendous crowd and also ensure recall value.



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