Importance of having the Right Exhibition Stand Design and Logistics

Importance of having the Right Exhibition Stand Design and Logistics


In this competitive era, every business needs to invest money to market their brand through advertising. Taking part in exhibitions is one way to reach out to the potential growth opportunities and also to your valuable customers. Over the years, exhibiting has become a quick-witted marketing idea for most businesses globally. There are several new industries that have started embracing this marketing medium to promote their brand, product, and services.

Participating in an exhibition provides you with a lucrative business opportunity to stand out to your potential customers. And for this, you would require to install an exhibition stand that will represent your brand at the event. There are several exhibition stand builders in Europe that help you get the right exhibition stand design for your stand at cost-effective prices. They also offer exhibition stand rental service as per one’s budget and requirement. So, before you plan to purchase an exhibition stand you need to under the importance of a right design.

Exhibition Stand Design – A significant element in your stand

  With so many top-notch companies marketing at the same fairground, you need to pull up your socks in order to be the star of the event. An attendee generally spends 3-4 seconds on a stand at the exhibition which gives you a span of seconds to catch their attention, promote your brand and motivate them to actually visit your stand. In this scenario, your exhibition stand design plays a vital role in turning up customers towards your brand and makes you stand out from the sea of exhibitors. Through various exhibition stand ideas, it is essential to building a distinctive and captivating design that clearly depicts your brand message. Once the key message is decoded by your potential customers, they are likely to purchase what you offer. The following are the elements that contribute to a great design.


One of the most basic yet effective exhibition stand ideas is to have alluring exhibition graphics that present your brand in a cool way. In order to grab the attention of potential customers, you need to use graphics screens, videos along with engaging content that supports your graphics.


In order to have a memorable exhibition stand design for the event, you need to have a themed stand that will indirectly attract people to visit your stand. You could try adding props or games and quizzes to engage people. Once they are attracted towards your stand, you could then start directing them towards your product and services.

Lights & Sound:

Often overlooked but a good lighting frame and calming background music certainly contribute to building a soothing environment in your stand. If projected the right way, lighting will help in highlighting the products and services. Using these elements in your exhibition stand design can be highly effective.

Interactive Technology:

Incorporating interactive technology is an innovative and brilliant way to showcase your creativity. There are several exhibition stand builders that help in having interactive presentations in your stand to show off your portfolio whilst engaging your audience.

Managing your Exhibition Logistics

Along with great design, logistics of planning, building and transporting your exhibition stand is also essential. Having exhibition logistics ensures exhibitors that their exhibition stand design is delivered to the desired venue on time and in perfect condition.  There are logistics professionals who handle all your logistics problems; giving you peace of mind.

There is an exhibition stand design company in Germany that understands the need to have a safe and reliable transportation of exhibits, instruments, goods etc. and accordingly plans and co-ordinate to ensure a smooth process.  This ensures quality service with attention to detail and let you focus on your business.



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