How to increase the roi of trade show

How to increase the ROI of trade show?


Your trade show exhibit can be one of the biggest marketing push your company institutes all year long. It can be pretty stressful for professionals who don’t work in the exhibit and conventions industry regularly, as they might find difficult to get familiar with the trade show dynamics.

There is very little that is under of your control when it comes from the shipping and setup of trade show stands at a trade show exhibit. This includes the possibilities of delay in your own travel.

The key to making your trade show exhibit experience a success is in setting concrete achievable goals that you can achieve and keep those goals in mind throughout the process.

Set small Goals

The correct way to achieve goals is to set them. Make a realistic list of the ROI that you are aiming for through the trade show exhibit.


Drawing budget in advance is an important part of the process. This might even mean going over expenditures due to new exhibition trade show ideas from previous years. If this is your first convention, a great deal of research and cost analysis in setting up the exhibit and making your trade show stand a great success

Hire a reliable team

It is not possible to design and install the trade show stand yourself, or run your video or set up your cables. All of that can be outsourced to conventions Services Company. Hire a team you think you can rely on. The trade show stand is important. It makes you look presentable when it’s done professionally. If you hire the right people, their expertise can make a difference in the whole process.

Booth Display Design

The trade show stand is your prospective customer’s first impression. Make sure your branding projects a clear concept but don’t go overboard with so many add-ons that they’re looking at the booth walls rather than paying attention to you and your product. Ideally, your trade show exhibit and trade show stand catches their eye and then melts into the background as your team’s efficient networking ability takes over.

Marketing your product to Current and Prospective Clients before the show

Create a list of contacts and send out an email, letting your clients know that you’ll be attending the convention and inviting them to visit you at the trade show exhibit.

Announce Your Presence at the trade show exhibit.

Make sure your attendance at the convention is announced and noticed on all of your online platforms.

Prepare Your Team. 

Make sure your team is prepared with all of the information and lead generation tools they need to represent your company well.

Create a partnership with other exhibitors 

One great way to add to your contacts during a trade show is to partner with other companies who work in parallel capacities. Look for trade show stands that showcase products on the same lines as yours.

Following up with leads

Concluding the convention does not mean that your work is over. Get back in the game as soon as soon as trade show exhibits are over. Get back by sending follow up notes to all of the contacts you made at the convention and entering them into your marketing funnel.

Keep a track of Your Success. 

Create a report to measure the metrics of your trade show exhibit experience and compare your achievement with the original and previous goals. Conventions and trade show stands offer your company a chance to network beyond social media. Getting the chance to meet with customers and prospective customers in person can be exceptionally advantageous to building a long lasting partnership and creating more business.



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