Latest Trends at Tradeshow Displays

7 trends that are dominating the market of custom trade show booths in 2017

Be it any business it is important to keep up with changing times. Embodying change and adapting to new developments and technology helps the brand to stay relevant and up-beat.

Even when you are participating in tradeshows, you need to keep a tab on the new trends to beat the competition and retain the novelty factor. To help you out we have listed 7 things that are in trend this year when it comes to tradeshow displays.

1. Custom trade show booths –  Customization is the focus point of exhibitors this year. Custom trade show booths rentals are in popular demand off late. Brands and companies are pushing hard to stand out in the pool of exhibitors at an event and the easiest and most effective way to achieve that is by investing in a tailor-made booth design. Personalizing the booth according to the brand image and guidelines not only gives the booth a unique look it also helps to imprint the brand image and key message into the audience’ mind. If your budget doesn’t permit you to purchase a customized booth you can also opt for custom trade show booth rentals that are easily available in the market.

2. Innovative technology – Incorporating the latest technology in your tradeshow display is a good way to earn brownie points from the audience. Artificial Intelligence is very popular in the trade show market this year, so is virtual reality. Using trending technology and gadgets as props or accessories can instantly perk up any booth. It not only helps you to stand out in the crowd but attracts a lot of attention as well.

3. Recreational Areas – Off late exhibitors are keen on stalling the customers to spend more time in their booths. This encourages the audience to pay more attention to the product and brand and creates a lasting bond between the audience and the brand. A good way to achieve this is by reserving space for recreational purpose in your booth. You can reserve a corner for your customers and supply them with equipments to charge their devices. You can also provide some refreshments to create a semi-formal lounge area.

4. Lighting – In a pool of brands and exhibitors, one needs to amp up their game to bring attention to their booth. An easy way to cut the clutter of brands is to use innovative and attractive lights on your tradeshow display. Lighting plays an important role while planning your booth design. Striking LED lights can make any custom trade show booth stand out in the crowd. However it is crucial to exercise moderation when it comes to lighting. Always remember the goal is to make the brand noticeable and hence brand image must always be taken into consideration while designing.

5. Interactive touch screens – It has been observed that people are drawn towards interactive devices and technology. A good way to benefit from this fact is by incorporating interactive touch screens in your booth. If your budget permits, you could even add an entire touch screen wall in your tradeshow display. Gadgets and technology spikes the interest of the consumer and helps you to get their attention.

6. Eco- Friendly Factor – In today’s day and age, consumer’s tend to favor brands that are environment friendly or are associated with a good cause. Inculcating environment friendly aspect in your brand or even the marketing strategy projects the company as a ‘socially responsible brand’. You can partner with an NGO or donate a portion of your profit to some cause. This will increase brand relevancy and project a favorable image.

7. Post show activities – A new trend that has taken over the trade show market is post-show activities. Exhibitors organize shows and parties at their booth itself post event. This is a good platform to mingle and interact with your clients. It is also a good opportunity for networking.

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