Make your exhibition stand graphics stand out

How to make your exhibition stand graphics stand out?


Be it BTL or ATL marketing, it is always a challenge to grab your audience’ attention effectively and in the shortest time slot. To emerge from the crowd brands try various tactics especially in events and exhibitions.

One relatively easy way to ensure visibility in a place bustling with various brands is enhancing your trade show graphics.

We bring you 7 steps to stand out in the crowd solely by working on your exhibition stand graphics.

1. Understand your brand – Before you conduct exhibitions and make preparations about the same, it is crucial that your first understand your brand. Depending on what your product is, who it is catering to and what image you want to project make the stand graphics accordingly. Your exhibition stand design and graphics should reflect your brand’s personality and the marketing approach. Analyze how your product is marketed and stick to the theme and concept. This way you reinstate and emphasize the brand’s image in the consumer’s mind. Deviating from the brand’s personality and your marketing approach can send mixed messages and even confuse your audience.

2. Play with colors – Adding bold, bright colors is the simplest way to enhance an image and attract the attention of your audience. Colors set the tone of your presentation and set-up. It is also important that you use colors that match the brand’s personality and image, in your exhibition stand graphics. Using colors synonymous with your brand reinforces the brand’s image and increases brand recall. Adding contrasting hues spikes the consumer’s attention and assures visibility even from a distance. Every color presents certain emotions and sends a unique message. Understand your product and select colors that resonate with the message you want to send across through your exhibition stand design.

3. Experiment with fonts – The font of your exhibition stand graphic plays an important role in marketing activities. The font you use subconsciously sends a message; be it important, funny, and informative or even a warning. For example ‘Comic Sans’ font is perfect to attract children and send across a playful, youthful message; whereas ‘Times New Roman’ font is more businesslike and perfect to send a direct straight forward message.

4. Density – A single bold statement creates more impact than a long and descriptive sentence on an exhibition stand design. You mustn’t cramp up your exhibition stand graphics with too much content. The density of your message should be small, crisp and attention grabbing. It is easier to read and remember shorter sentences than longer ones. Make sure your content on the exhibition stand is catchy and witty. It ensures brand recall value.

5. Appropriate Placement – The placement of your graphics is also critical. To engage consumers from a distance, invest in hanging banners, they make your brand’s presence felt in the entire event. A mid-range banner can be spotted from a good distance too. It won’t give as much impact as a hanging banner would, but it will give good mid-range visibility to your exhibition stand design.

6. Select the right material – The material you use has a tremendous capacity to enhance or even tone down your exhibition stand graphics. Graphics printed on fabric may not be as glossy as graphics printed on vinyl or flex. Enquire with exhibition stand contractors for best material and even creative ideas for exhibition stands.

7. Cohesiveness – Lastly your stand and your graphics must seamlessly come together to form a cohesive image. Your stand, its design, graphics and colors must complement each other to look like an extension of your brand. When everything is in sync with each other, it presents a wholesome image and creates a lasting impact on the consumer’s mind.



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