Marketing Tips for Trade Shows

Marketing tips for exhibitors to make their presence felt at trade shows

Trade shows can help bring your brand to the forefront and add credibility to your brand but simply participating isn’t enough. You need to market your presence at the trade show. With hosts of brands and exhibitors striving to attract the maximum crowd, one needs to make their presence felt at the trade show. To help you out we bring 6 tips to formulate a fool proof trade show marketing plan.

1. Announce your show – The first step of effective trade show marketing is announcing your participation in the trade shows. Once, you have finalized on the show you want to participate in, you need to tell your targeted audience about it. One of the best ways to do so is through social media. Considering your target group you can pick the medium that has the most reach and let your audience know that you are participating in the trade show.

2. Send out Invites – Inviting your audience to your show not only guarantees foot-fall but also makes your audience feel appreciated and important. Send out invites to your existing customers in the form of letters and emails and ask them to drop by at your trade show exhibit. You can also give coupons or discount codes to your customers that drop by at your booth; this will reinforce brand loyalty among customers and also result in increased sales. Hence, this is an important aspect of a good trade show marketing plan.

3. Invest in a good trade show exhibit – A good trade show booth can help you achieve a lot more than just boost in sales. An exclusive and unique trade show can attract a lot more visitors than expected. Hence, it is an integral part of a trade show marketing plan. A unique booth stands out in a pool of brands, easily attracting the attention of various other clients and customers. Relevant and striking trade show exhibits helps brands garner the attention of unexpected customers.

4. Incorporate innovative trade show booth ideas –  With so many brands and exhibitors participating in the show and striving hard to gain the attention of the audience, one must think out of the box to stand out in the crowd. In accordance with your trade show marketing plan incorporate unique trade show booth ideas that will elevate your trade show exhibit. Ideas and elements that are uncommon but resonate with the brand’s image can help attract more consumers.

5. Striking trade show graphics – Most brands underestimate the importance of trade show graphics. Bold and eye catching graphics can help your trade show marketing plan tremendously. It is one of the easiest ways to attract attention of the crowd present at the trade show. Stunning graphics with unique trade show booth ideas can make your booth the centre of attraction at the show. Just make sure that the graphics represent the brand and help highlight the key message. If the graphics are relevant to the brand image it creates a lasting impact on the audience.

6. Lighting and effects – A good way to mark your presence at any show is by adding lights and effects to your trade show exhibit. Appropriate lighting can bring attention to your booth but it is important that you don’t go overboard. You can use digital graphics and innovative technology to your benefit but make sure that they match your trade show marketing strategy and brand guidelines.



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