What you need to Island trade show exhibits

What you need to Island trade show exhibits?


After you have selected a trade show and assembled your team of booth staffers, you are ready with a trade show booth design. But with so many other trade show booth designs exhibit and display options available, it gets difficult to decide as to where should you begin.

Island Trade Show Exhibits

Island trade show exhibits are surrounded by aisles on all four sides; they are one of the most popular exhibit configurations. This trade show booth design has a typical dimension of 20’ x 20’, 30’ x 30’, 40’ x 40’ and larger. There are several layouts that can be selected when opting for an island exhibit. Below are two common layouts, and what trade show objectives they work best for.

The Axis Layout

The Axis Layout utilizes a centralized structure which acts as an axis point for the exhibit design. It has independent structural elements such as kiosks, towers, counters and products displays that are positioned near the corners and perimeter of the exhibit. It is a great idea if you want to engage your visitors with multiple products in one space. Many such trade show exhibit rentals are available and have been used at trade show rentals at Berlin.


The open floor plan of such trade show exhibit rentals layout allows traffic to flow in and out of the space, reducing clutter and traffic build up. It also allows attendees to engage with your exhibit because of the engagement points are situated at the perimeter of the space.

The Presenter Layout

The Presenter layout has a theater or presentation and additional supporting display elements, such as multimedia kiosks and other digital displays to display show times, product information stations and client consultation areas. These types of trade show exhibit rentals and trade show booth designs are appropriate if you are planning for an elaborate presentation for your customers. Such trade show booth designs can be seen utilized in trade show exhibit rentals at places like Berlin.


The Presenter Layout’s closed-off space will make an attendee to step inside. Once inside, you have complete control over their experience, from where they walk and what they see, and to whom they speak.

Here are some other points that differ island booths from other types trade show booth designs and trade show exhibit rentals.

1. Island booths are easier for convention goers to locate. Being taller than trade show exhibit rentals, island booths are easier for convention goers to spot.

2. Island Booth Exhibits one of those trade show exhibit rentals that are adaptable to the size of floor space you have. An island module can be adapted to make more space for both attendees and product placement.

3. Because of intricate design of island booths, they are such trade show exhibit rentals that usually need more time to be designed and planning, even with professional staff.

4. Island booths offer a lot more space and options for networking.

5. Island booths are one of those trade show exhibit rentals, whose installation can incur more cost.

6. Small scale companies often get island booths as trade show exhibit rentals or they might build their own wall booths. Since island booths cover lot of parameters, it is usually installed by large scale industries. The trade show exhibit rentals at Berlin saw equal spread of island and other conventional trade show exhibit rentals. Although Island design is very advantageous in a lot of ways, they incur high costs. Hence it depends upon the size and the budget of the company if they intend to install trade show exhibit rentals as island booths or other conventional booths



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