Networking and exhibitions – A closer look into the phenomenon

Networking and exhibitions – A closer look into the phenomenon


Networking has never been this interesting and easy, thanks to the digital forums such as social media, which helps us connect instantly with business prospects and clients from across the globe. One of the main challenges of putting up an exhibition show is to ensure that the event is a genuine success and brings together people from the target field. Therefore, before you go ahead and plan and strategize for your upcoming exhibition show and brainstorm to get in best creative ideas for exhibition stands and more, ask these few questions:

Whether the exhibition show help your brand to facilitate strong introductions?

Whether the show bring about positive interactions and networking opportunities between the brand and consumers?

Whether the show involve engaging activities enough for the audience to connect and network further?

Let us delve deeper and address these questions with substantial information to help convert your target audience into smacking group of networking butterflies.

1. Be Clear about the Overall Purpose of the Event

Presumably the most critical point to make when exhibiting in a show is to elucidate the reasons as to why are you participating in the show – whether it is about launching a new product, showcasing your brand capabilities through stunning exhibition stands, letting your target audience know that you exist, or simply marketing your brand for promotional purposes.

Is your exhibition show exclusively about exhibiting with compelling exhibition stands and experiencing the advantages of exhibitions, or a way of communication with potential future business accomplices?

These elements might sound basic, yet frequently gets ignored. Being clear about the reason of exhibiting will help you and your brand to break the ice and help your attendees to know whom they will be interacting with. Moreover, it helps to create anticipation about possible business partnerships ahead of the show.

2. Make the exhibition show comfortable and convenient for everyone

Making your attendees comfortable and keeping them at ease is vital. Ensuring that the food and beverages are top notch and that the exhibition stands décor including the exhibition graphics place everyone into a positive perspective. Therefore, it is crucial to connect with top of the exhibition stand services who would help you get best exhibiting experience with stunning exhibition graphics and creative ideas for exhibition stands for a lasting brand impression.

A considerable measure of networking events is organized on weekday evenings. It is mostly unlikely that the entire group of attendees would travel for miles for the exhibition show and sit through long hours, attending the show. Therefore, it is important to keep the exhibition show, conferences or seminars on your exhibition stands as concise as possible. Moreover, ensure that the show is located next to the closest station for convenient transit.

3. Promote the exhibition show meticulously

The attendance of the greatest number of show visitors at your exhibition stand is the result of best-in-class exhibition services marketing and promotional activities.

If you’re aiming at smaller exhibition shows, then marketing on social media, investing in paid ads, digital press release shoot ups, newsletter blasts, are some of the feasible and successful ways of promoting your brand's show participation.

On the other hand, if you are looking at major and bigger exhibition shows, then going ahead and partnering with commercial players can be beneficial. Moreover, in such cases, you also need to join hands with the most trusted and reliable of the exhibition services providers, exhibition stands builders and get the best creative ideas for exhibition stands.

Using social media to promote speaker profiles, plans of the show, examples from last exhibition shows, and a rundown of advantage of exhibitions can help promote and market your brand and exhibition.



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