Pre-show strategies to make your trade show stand apart

Pre-show strategies to make your trade show stand apart


Marketing is crucial in order to get the attention of target audience.

The audience at the trade show is not going to merely stop at your exhibition stand just because they were passing by.  You need to consider some marketing strategies so that you can gather crowd at your exhibition stand to keep everyone interested as well as narrow down on the right leads, both at the same time. It is a win-win situation.

Making an attractive, top notch exhibition stand is also a type of marketing strategy but it is not the only thing you should be focusing on. Using the right marketing strategies ahead of the show will give useful leads and potential customers.

It is important that you increase the attraction at your exhibition stand using some pre-show marketing strategies. You definitely need a separate investment of time and money but, it is worth the investment.

Here’s how you can organize a pre-show marketing strategy

1. Decide on the factor that if you want to gather a whole crowd at your exhibition stand or do you want to target potential clients from that crowd. If it’s the latter, then you can go about it in two possible ways.

2. Use targeted communications that go out only to the qualified leads. Keep an attendee register handy so that you can make sure that only high profile crowd will attend your exhibition stand. Send communications to your own customers. Send them invitations as well. This will make them adjust their plans according to your event at the trade show. This will help you reestablish your relationship with them and help build reputation, which will in turn help you get more potential clients.

3. Send a follow up email. The email should contain all the details about your booth and should include links to your website of your business or your company. While you are doing this, do not forget to contact your other clients that visited your exhibition stand.

4. Build a buzz on social media. Start using event hashtags and promote your event before the trade show. Be active on social media pages. Creating buzz on social media pages like Facebook, twitter and other tradeshow community websites ensures that the attendees will attend your exhibition stand. Create a special website that highlights key points of what your exhibition stand will be all about. Create a separate page on social media websites and link those pages with your official pre-exhibition website. Create a separate ‘contact us’ column and mention your contact details. This will help potential clients find you easily on the day of the trade show and keep them well informed what your exhibition stand is all about.

5. Take a moment to connect with your neighboring booths. This will give you an idea that who are your potential competitors at the trade show. Make sure that there is no conflict though in the process. Taking leads from their preparation. You can still make changes to your exhibit if it deems necessary.

6. Have a separate app developed exclusively to capture the database of potential leads.

7. Plan a special event before the show to invite high value prospects. It can be a casual lunch, a cocktail hour or a simple dinner, but it will be worth to set up an “event within the event”. This will create more opportunities for face-to-face meetings with potential clients.

8. In the frenzy of exhibition stand design and planning, travel arrangements and logistics, pre-show marketing strategies are often left behind. So make sure you follow these steps, as they can help you find potential clients that can help you boost your business. Pre-show strategies can help you get prospect’s agendas in advance which can make a huge difference.



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