Quick Five hacks to curb your expenses for Exhibition Graphics


Quick Five hacks to curb your expenses for Exhibition Graphics


One important area, you can focus on to reduce the expense you incur when building and designing of your exhibition stand, is by understanding the way you develop your artwork and the production of exhibition stand graphics related materials.

If this is not looked after, your budget can stretch far beyond your expectations.  So whether you are commissioning small or large exhibition stands, here are five tips to control your costs.

Ensure design clarity during planning time

It is always in your best interest to be absolutely sure that what you’ve submitted to your stand builder matches, what you company wants. Every extra minute spent by the stand designer, to tweak your exhibition stand graphics related to how the size, shape and colour should be, will add to the final costs in terms of time and money. You want to give yourself enough time prior to commissioning your exhibition stand to write a design brief. This assists the stand designer to know what type of stand would be needed for your company at the show.

Research photography costs

If your exhibition stand design requires images for its graphics, avoid hiring a professional photographer if you can, since they are quite expensive.  Unless you require images that you plan on using in several different mediums for your marketing or branding campaign, there are reliable cost-effective options you can pursue. You can purchase or subscribe to websites, which provide stock images for use.

Be sure keep multiple options open as you browse around the web and look at each site carefully, since you’re quite likely to find the same image at a bargain price at another website.

Plan ahead of time

Stand builders often take the approach of “building on demand” instead of having a stock of graphics ready, in various shapes, sizes and colours. If you know exactly the kind of graphics you’ll need, then you can purchase it more effectively as one large batch, instead of incrementally as the design requirement demands. Another benefit of this sort of pre-planning is that you can initiate bids between multiple stand design companies, allowing you to have a fair comparison between multiple exhibition stands prices. This would ultimately help you decide the most qualified and cost effective exhibition designer for designing the graphics of your exhibition stand.

Track the inventory of your exhibition graphics

Managing the inventory of your exhibition stand is essential, if you want to reduce the chances of arbitrarily recreating the same graphics. Either work with your exhibition stand designer or develop an inventory system independently, which keeps track of each piece of material used for exhibition stand graphics related purposes. Maintained Alongside should be detailed logs on its location, size, cost and intended purpose. This ensures that everything is accounted for during transportation and assembly. Ideally you should expand this system beyond exhibition stand graphics related materials and also include materials used for building your stand.

Commission graphics which can be re-used

Being able to repurpose stand graphics can save you a lot of money. Fabric banners and graphic panels can be reused for other exhibitions. You could even reuse them during corporate events and meetings at your office. Though to achieve this, your brand message has to generic and not exhibition stand graphics related. Avoid placing dates or stand numbers and use disposable visual elements to showcase them. One method you could employ is by combining digital elements with banner graphics.

So in conclusion, we hope that these quick tips will help you manage your budget. You can deploy these tips even for low budget small exhibition stands to reduce your expenses even further.

By being a bit creative and observant, you can surely add more budget hacks to your arsenal that will assist you along with these tips.

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