Renting versus buying

Whether to rent or buy an exhibition stand? Let us see the advantages and disadvantages to figure out the answer!


Should I rent or rather buy an exhibition stand? It’s a frequently asked question. Before you find the perfect answer, skim through the below queries first:

How often do you participate in an exhibition?

How does the company handle budgeting?

Would you like to build the exhibition stand yourself or do you prefer full-service exhibition stand builder?

Let’s start with the last issue; you can only rent an exhibition stand if you are looking for a full-service exhibition stand contractor. In that case everything will be taken care of by your exhibition stand building partner: Stand design, flooring, hanging banners, audio – visual, transport, construction and dismantlement.

Browse through the advantages of renting an exhibition stand

The possibility to participate in a show with totally different exhibition stands at every exhibition

Concept and design can be optimally adjusted to specific exhibition and target group

You need less “cash-out”- lower costs instead of higher investment

You don’t have to worry about the storage of your exhibition stand. Afterwards, you will return it to the exhibition stand builder

Installation and dismantlement are taken care of

If you participate in an exhibition for the first time, rental might be a good option. It allows you to test both exhibition stand and effectiveness of the participation for your company and further optimize it

It might be a cost effective option to locally rent an exhibition stand if you participate in foreign exhibitions. You will save on high transportation costs and shipment.

The disadvantages of renting and the advantages of buying your own exhibition stand

You can only rent an exhibition stand in combination with full service. It is not possible to build the exhibition stand yourself and save money. So, costs might be higher.

If you regularly participate in exhibitions, renting an exhibition stand will cost higher than buying one. After all, you have to pay for exhibition stand building over and over again, especially with timber exhibition stands. Modular exhibition stands are reusable, however still cost much more.

Renting an exhibition stand over and over again will cost a lot of preparation time. After all, you have to think of a new design concept again and again.

Depending on the exhibition stand, you can transport, build and dismantle the exhibition stand if you buy one. It allows you to realize big savings on your budget as you don’t need an external exhibition stand builder.

Exhibiting with your own exhibition stand means you know exactly what you have and what it looks like.

You can build your own exhibition stand in advance in case of a modular exhibition stand. In this way, you will never face surprises.


Buying an exhibition stand is a much better option if you are looking to it for minimum three times and are ready to build and dismantle the exhibition stand yourself. On the other hand, if you are exhibiting in a foreign land or not sure on what to pick then renting an exhibition stand is perfect. If you have a limited budget and also want a full-service along with the exhibition stand, then choose the rental option.

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