Guide to selecting the perfect size of exhibition stands

While finalizing an exhibition stand, it is essential that you consider certain aspects such as design, style and the size of the stand. Determining the size of your stand may seem a simple decision but if taken of a whim, this decision can affect your overall performance at the exhibition.

Listed below are some things you must consider before finalizing the size of your exhibition stand.

1. The exhibition itself – Before you even begin to lock down the size and exhibition stand type you first need to have an overview of the exhibition or the show you are participating in. Based on whether the exhibition is a high profile expo or a relatively smaller exhibition you can decide on the kind of stand you want. Having researched on the exhibition in advance gives you an idea about what brands are participating and the kind of the stands they had in their previous shows.

2. Budget constraints – Your allotted budget helps you determine a lot of things at the exhibition, like your exhibition stand design ideas and even the size of the stand. Depending on the budget you have allotted for the stand, you can decide the size of your stand. Exhibition stand design company offer a variety of stand sizes and designs that will fit your budget and also help you enhance your brand image. You can also opt for exhibition stands for hire, this is not only cost effective but it will help you to get a bigger and better stand for your brand.

3. Manpower and time constraints – Another criterion that will help you decide what sizes and stand types are suitable for your brand is the allotted time you have to assemble and dismantle the entire stand on the exhibition spot you have rented. Complicated exhibition stand design ideas not only take up a lot of space but also require a lot of manpower to assemble and dismantle. If you have plenty of time to install your stand and hire enough manpower to do so, you can go for an elaborate stand design.

4. Exhibition stand design ideas – A logical way to decide on the size of your stand is by considering the kind of stand you want. If you have some extraordinary ideas and elaborate plans for your stand, it is obvious you will need a bigger space. If you want a functional and simple design, you won’t require a huge space. Consult the exhibition stand design company you have chosen and they will give you some valuable insight on this aspect.

5. Space size – One of the most important aspects that will help you determine the size of your stand is your allotted space at the exhibition. The space you rent at the exhibition gives you an exact idea about the kind and the size of stand you will need. Depending on your space you can lock down your exhibition stand design ideas and the size of your stand.

6. Brand guidelines – Your stand represents your company and the brand as a whole at the exhibition. It is crucial you understand and follow your brand guidelines while deciding on the exhibition stand design ideas and the size of the stand. If you are an upcoming company you can still get away with a smaller stand size but if your company is a reputed brand a small stand design can hamper your brand image tremendously.

7. Interactive activities – The activities you are planning to conduct in your stand are deciding factors when it comes to stand types and sizes. If you are planning to host demonstrations, games or are planning to entertain people in your stand then you will need larger space. This will not only impact the size of your stand it will also have a considerable effect on your exhibition stand design ideas as well.



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