Selecting the right exhibition stand builder for your next show

Selecting the right exhibition stand builder for your next show



An exhibition stand plays a very important role at any show. It not only solely represents the brand at the show but also stimulates the visitor’s mind to leave an unforgettable impression. Hence it is very important that you select the right exhibition stand builder for your show.

Below listed are some pointers that will help you to select the perfect exhibition stand contractor or builder.

  • Check clientele  – A good way to know whether your shortlisted exhibition stand builder will live up to your expectations is by checking out what clients he has served in the past. You can also look up for reviews and testimonials online about your selected builder and pick one that suits your criteria.
  • Check whether they have an in-house manufacturing unit – If your exhibition stand company has an in-house manufacturing unit then it can be highly beneficial to you. Not only will you be assured of the quality but your stand will be delivered to you in the promised time frame.
  • Check your partners and subsidiaries  – If you plan to exhibit more than once and in various locations, it is recommended you go for an exhibition stand builder that has partners across the cities you are exhibiting in. Going for stand companies with subsidiaries in different countries can be beneficial for you in the long run.

  • Check whether your exhibition stand company provides end-to-end services  – A company that provides complete range of services from designing, manufacturing, logistics, installing and dismantling of the stand is a good option to go for. It will save you a lot of cost and also make your exhibiting experience hassle free.
  • Check Geographical Location   In order to efficiently optimize logistical expenses, it is very important that your exhibition stand supplier is close to the exhibition location. If you fail to do so then you will certainly increase your budget due to transportation expenses.
  • Check 24/7 Techical Assistance  Regardless of the years of experience, an exhibition stand contractor has or the complexity of your project, problems, and issues are bound to exist. It is very important that your exhibition stand supplier can offer technical assistance so that if any problem occurs that must be addressed immediately and with maximum discretion so that your exhibition stand visitors don’t notice it.

The above listed tips will assist you to hire the best exhibition designer and contractor for your upcoming shows.



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