Social media tools for trade shows

Social media tools for trade shows


Social media is a powerful tool that can be used extensively to promote brands. Many companies, off late are trying to reap the benefits of social media platforms and are coming up with creative ways to incorporate these mediums in their trade shows as well.

To help you with this we have come up with 6 ways to help you engage your users through social media platforms.

1.Location Tag –One of the easiest yet the most effective trade show booth game and tactic is by asking clients and users to tag your location on social media. Almost all major social media platforms have this feature, wherein users can tag their current location and briefly write about where they are and what they are doing. This feature can be highly beneficial for your show since, users can tag your exact location and give your show details and whereabouts to all the contacts on their list; thus informing users about your show and encouraging them to visit your trade show exhibit as well.

2.Hashtags – Another potent trade show booth game or idea would be ask your visitors to mention you on social media by using a unique and exclusive hashtag. Hashtags are the easiest way to get people talking about you and your brand on social media. Not only hashtags help brand to trend on social media platform but they also help brands to easily identity and measure potential users. Create an exclusive hashtag that isn’t used by any other brand and put up banners about the same in your trade show exhibit. Social media savvy crowd will instantly recognize what it means; you only need to motivate them to talk about you on social media.

 3. Photo booths – A fun trade show booth idea that brands can incorporate while planning out their trade show exhibit design is photo booths. Photo booth might not be your typical trade show booth game but it definitely adds a fun element to your booth. A photo booth is a dedicated area or a wall that acts as a background for users to click pictures. Not only does this encourage users to click images but booths also promote the sharing of images on social media. A fun vibrant backdrop indirectly persuades the users to click pictures for their social media profile. You can cleverly add elements that reflect your brand and highlight your key message.

4.Tagging friends – A popular trade show game idea at is asking users to mention you or your brand on social media and tag friends on the post. You can give your users incentives or goodies for doing so and reap major benefits off this trade show booth game. Tagging friends on social media creates a ripple effect you can create games wherein, every tagged user must tag other users in order to win a ‘coveted’ prize. This chain indirectly involves a lot of people, showing up in the feeds of a hundred people at the least.

5.Facebook and Twitter shares – If a major chunk of your target audience is more accessible through facebook and twitter than other social media platform then we have yet another trade show booth game for you. You can ask your twitter savvy audience to retweet your tweet about your trade show, in order to win goodies and spot prizes. Similarly, you can also ask your facebook users to share your brand page on their facebook wall. These trade show ideas not only spread awareness about your show but also about your brand as whole.

6.Challenges – You could also start social media challenges as a part of your trade show booth game A challenge could be a simple activity that a user needs to do and on completion, nominate his other friends to do it too. Many brands have already incorporated this idea and created famous challenges that have benefitted the brand indirectly.

7.Quick reviews – A comparatively simpler trade show idea to engage users could be to ask your users to post brief reviews about your trade show booth or brand on their social media platforms. This activity is not only a good user engagement activity but it is also a good feedback mechanism.

There are a million other ways to boost your business through social media, you only need to think creatively. It’s free, it’s relevant and it’s effective hence do not shy away from using social media to promote your next event.




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