Sustainable Exhibiting at a fair, these are the benefits

Nowadays there are plenty of opportunities to exhibit sustainably at a fair. These are the advantages and this is how you go about it: building an exhibition stand results in the necessary (residual) waste. Do you have to deal with emissions during transport? You use a lot of energy during a trade fair. And the mountain of waste after an event is gigantic.

You can say a lot about the event industry, but not that it is sustainable. Transport, production, and participation in a public or trade fair have a significant impact on the environment. In a gigantic country such as America, the sector is even in place 2 of the most polluting branches.

The Netherlands, for example, is not America and the distances in Europe are a lot shorter. Nevertheless, it is good for an exhibitor to think about your ecological footprint. Because exhibiting green is more feasible than ever.


Why sustainable exhibiting is interesting

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are high on the list of priorities of many entrepreneurs. A trade fair participation does not really fit this trend. For example, building an exhibition stand results in unnecessary (residual) waste.

If you want to exhibit responsibly, it is difficult. But for good stand builders, it is hardly an issue. This has changed significantly in recent years and the possibilities have increased considerably.

What is green exhibiting?

You can exhibit green and sustainability in various ways. We will briefly review the options below.

With a sustainable exhibition stand, you can think of recycling materials. This applies to both the stand itself and the residual material during production. Sustainable stand builders also look beyond the short term and strive for energy and material-efficient production.

Exhibition stands are usually transported in suitcases. These are often used once in the past. Nowadays the emphasis is increasingly on durable and reusable items. This also applies to their weight. Light stands and suitcases are easier to transport and more energy-efficient. This benefits the environment and as well as your wallet.

As an exhibitor, you use a lot of light during a fair. That is reasonable because you want to give your products and services full attention. But the high energy consumption is detrimental to the environment. With LED lamps you can significantly reduce this consumption. And your booth looks just as good.

Another area in which a stand builder can distinguish itself is in printing. Where ink used to be full of chemicals, there are now sustainable water-based variants. You don’t see any difference in the end result and the inks are much less harmful.


These are the advantages of sustainable exhibiting

A sustainable exhibition stand is a fully-fledged alternative to a traditional stand. But why would you opt for sustainable exhibiting if visitors do not see the difference? There are numerous reasons for this.

Sustainable exhibiting stimulates innovation. A stand builder who thinks circularly and supplies reusable products knows what is going on in the market. As an exhibitor, you benefit from their knowledge and passion.

Sustainable exhibiting also ensures distinctive character. At a trade fair, you compete directly with similar providers. You distinguish yourself with sustainable exhibiting. This can immediately generate extra clients who are attracted by your working method.

Communicating what you stand for as a company or organization has a positive effect on the brand experience. Moreover, it inspires confidence. A sustainable exhibition stand can thus function as a showcase for your organization and the goals you are pursuing.

Collaboration is another additional benefit of exhibiting green. Drawing up and propagating a sustainable policy requires the cooperation of everyone in the workplace. This way you strengthen cooperation.

In addition to organizational and business benefits, there is of course the environmental aspect. The production of a sustainable exhibition stand usually requires less energy. Especially if your stand builder uses recycled parts. Light materials reduce energy costs during transport. And with a smart lighting plan and LED lamps, you save considerably on energy costs.

Sustainable exhibiting is here to stay

The event industry is not the most sustainable. For example, the environment is significantly burdened by the production and (international) transport of exhibition stands. Fortunately, there are now plenty of options to make exhibitions affordable and sustainable.

With a green exhibition stand, you save on energy and emissions. Besides, it stimulates innovation. It forces you as an organization to take a critical look at your business goals. And the process strengthens mutual cooperation.

The benefits not only provide you with a targeted exhibition stand but also give you a distinctive character. Sustainable exhibiting is therefore here to stay. Are you ready?




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