The 5 Be’s to Consider for Creating a Good First Impression at Trade Shows

As a business person or a brand representative, it is extremely important that you make a good first impression when meeting potential clients or associates at trade shows. If you often attend networking fairs or stage promotional events, then you’ll know the importance of putting your best foot forward.

Right from creating an attention-grabbing trade show booth design to training your booth staff well, there’s a lot more that takes for leaving a memorable first impression at trade shows.

In order to make a lasting first impression on your trade show attendees and develop long-term connections with your prospects, we have compiled a list of be’s that you need to add to your trade show planning.

Be Prepared

Being prepared is the key if you want to make sure you’re ready to impress. While planning your booth display, always go for trade show booth rental instead of purchasing one if you have lined up one or two shows this year, then. If you’re attending an event, then be sure to do some research beforehand so that you’re clued up on the people you will be meeting and the topics to be discussed. This will give you confidence and make sure you feel comfortable when meeting new people.

Be Presentable

No wonder why many businesses are investing a lot of money in trade show booth designs and make every effort to have a noticeable trade show booth.  It may seem superficial but the way your trade show booth staff look can have a big impact on people’s initial impression of you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear really expensive luxury clothes. Be aware of your surroundings and dress appropriately. For example, if you are going to a casual event, then dress smart but casual. Or else, you can build an outfit with a common colour scheme to create a corporate identity. Also, it will help to look like a cohesive unit of company representatives.

Be Punctual

It’s very important to be on time if you want to make a good impression. If you arrive late to an event or your trade show booth designer failed to deliver your booth on time, then it creates a bad image and people may get the impression that you don’t value their time. Trying to arrive early will show that you are eager and reliable, giving a much better impression of yourself.

Be Inviting

A simple smile can have a big effect on people’s attitude towards you. If you present yourself in a natural and friendly way then people will be more comfortable when engaging with you at your trade show booth design. Body language is also important when it comes to making people feel at ease. Let your posture open up and greet people with a friendly handshake to make them feel relaxed and welcome.

Be Engaging

To keep your visitors engaged at your booth space you should have a room for engagement. Incorporating trade show booth games, quizzes, contests, or photo rooms is an exciting way to start with. No one likes to be ignored or to feel like they are not being taken seriously. It is important to be confident and show that you’re capable and enthusiastic, but be careful not to talk over anyone. Asking questions is a great way to engage people and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts. What’s more important is that you listen and reply. Just by listening to people and responding to them you will instantly start to develop a rapport.

It goes without saying that exhibiting at trade shows takes a considerable amount of time, money and efforts. In the end, creative trade show booths will get the most buzz. So, make sure your trade show booth design stands out from others and garner a lot of attention.

Whether you are a first-time exhibitor, or a seasoned veteran, by incorporating these 5 be’s in your next show you can make a lasting first impression at your trade attendees.

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