The 7 best design tips for a Modern Exhibition Stand

Are you going to a trade fair soon and do you really want to stand out? Then take advantage of these surprising tips for a modern looking exhibition stand.

Are you at a trade fair and is your stand boring and exchangeable? Then you will miss a lot of potential customers and turnover. Because trade fair visitors are impatient. They visit the stands they see first and are selective. There is still enough supply.

With a well-thought-out and eye-catching exhibition stand you distinguish yourself from competitors. And you address the feeling of the people you want to reach directly. In this way you attract them to your stand faster and develop more leads and customers. Is this what you want as well? Then take a quick look at these 7 design tips for a modern looking exhibition stand.

Modern exhibition booth is consistent

Simplicity pays off on the exhibition floor. Visitors decide in fractions of seconds whether they will visit your booth or not. If your message and appearance are not immediately clear, you will loose their attention. So tell your story as consistently as possible. Short and to the core.

A good example of consistency is CoolBlue. From their site to delivery vans and from product texts to parcels on the doormat: everything radiates CoolBlue. Also, strive for this for your company and exhibition stand. And be unambiguous in your logo, colors, appearance, and tone-of-voice. This way visitors understand exactly who you are and what you stand for. And they remember you easier and longer.

Design modern exhibition stand communicates exactly what you do

Unless you might be Apple or KPN, your fame is probably not so high as theirs at the trade fair you exhibit at. In any case, assume that. It is therefore important to make it clear as soon as possible what you do and what benefits potential customers are getting from your offer in words and pictures.

A good slogan or tagline is needed. Keep it business-like and functional. Show the benefits of your products or services. This is especially important if visitors have little knowledge. You can then explain the options in a sales meeting.

Keep your message simple. This is what we are, this is what we do and this is what you get. No more is needed to attract attention.

Make your exhibition stand out

Are you 13 in a dozen at a trade show? Hopefully not, because then visitors will walk past your exhibition stand. You want to stand out and be different at a fair. That can be substantive, but visitors first look at your stand. It must radiate something.

Make sure your exhibition stand stands out. This is possible with color, design and, also the layout of your stand. Exactly how you do that depends strongly on your industry, goals and, intended target group. An experienced stand builder can help you with this. And on the internet – for example on Flickr (  – you will find thousands of photos of inspiring exhibition stands. Scroll through it and come up with ideas.

Opt for interactive stand design

Movement attracts visitors. And doing is almost always more fun than undergoing.  Therefore, choose an interactive stand design and make your exhibition stand interactive.

You can interact with technology, for example with tablets and screens. But also, by giving demonstrations or having a game played. Of course, with a reward, to strengthen the competitive feeling.

Interaction moves trade fair visitors and attracts new interested parties. So make sure there is something to do at your stand.

Put your name on everything

Do you know how a cow catches a hare? Nobody knows exactly, so it’s best to increase the odds.

You increase the chance of success at a trade fair by, among other things, putting your name on everything. From trade fair counter to notepad and from folder to a fridge magnet. Keep your name chasing visitors for months to come. And make it as easy as possible to get in touch. A no-obligation phone call or email can just result in more.

Give something away in your exhibition stand

Not very original, but they still work: giveaways. Offer stand visitors something crazy or eye-catching that they would like to take home. Obviously, provided with your contact details.

The giveaway may well be something predictable like a pen or USB stick. As long as they use it regularly and see your name often. The surprise is of course better, but don’t lose sight of the goal. The giveaway is mainly intended to grow goodwill and increase your brand awareness. During and after the fair.

Modern stand design surprises

“Quality is our top priority.” If you come across such a sentence in a text, you will probably skip it. We close ourselves off to clichés. Something similar applies to exhibition stands. If your stand is exchangeable, visitors will not be impressed, surprised or engaged to stop. Visitors are not surprised and they ignore your stand.

Make sure that your exhibition stand does surprise. For example, place an object in sight. Organize your stand according to a striking theme. Or play with color, scent, and images. Whatever you choose, avoid gray mediocrity and distinguish yourself from others. Visitors will appreciate that.

A modern exhibition stand is eye-catching and purposeful standing out at a fair is a must. If you do the same as others, visitors will pass your booth and look at a competitor.

Don’t let it get that far and distinguish yourself with a well-thought-out and striking exhibition stand. With the design tips from this article and the help of an experienced stand builder stand out at your next event. And do turn your exhibition participation into a big success.




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