The A-Z of Trade Show Planning in Europe

The A-Z of Trade Show Planning in Europe

Exhibitions are the centre hub for companies and industry experts to collaborate, share information and build long-term relationships with their customers. Therefore, it is crucial for them to plan as well as execute it in the right way. That is why we put together a quick and handy A-Z list of elements that you need to take into account when you plan to take in an exhibition in Europe.

Annual show calendar

When you participate in a show, you know a year in advance about the show dates and schedules. Make a year’s calendar and make a list of things you need to do throughout to plan your show. For example, know when the trade show manual will be out, know when the trade show bookings begin, when you need to hire trade show booth designer, when you need to start building network with people, and when to start marketing campaign.

And if you have multiple shows lined up in a year, make an annual calendar and chalk out activities show need to do for every show.

Buy stands

If you are participating in multiple shows, then it makes more sense to buy an exhibition stand. It can be reconfigured and reused for your entire show calendar. You can build as well as dismantle the stand yourself which will eliminate your Installation & Dismantling cost and thus save a lot on your budget.

Cultural issues

Business culture plays an important role in Europe. In terms of attire, you could look out for something that is professional and at the same time approachable. You could have banner content in English but having someone who is familiar with the local language would smartly help.  Make sure your booth staffs are warm, friendly and presentable.


The design is the most important characteristic of your exhibition stand since it is the first thing that wills visitors would notice about your brand. Therefore, ensure that it provides all the functional requirements that you need to stand out from the crowd. Make sure you hire a local stand builder who can help you build a stand that matches European standards and know every detail about the venue and their statutory regulations.

Elements in the booth

Accessorise your exhibition stand design with furniture, lighting and flooring. It is an effective way to reinvigorate your exhibition stand and integrate your brand personality. Themed floor with vibrant lighting enables you to highlight your products and make your brand shine out from other exhibitors.

Floor Plan

Before planning out on your booth design, you need to get the floor plan from the organiser.  Once you get the floor plan, you need to study your booth orientation. It would enable you to plan your design in an efficient way to ensure great visibility that attracts maximum traffic at the stand.


Visual communication is important. Your exhibition graphics should portray your brand story. The text should be crisp and clear. The font used on graphics should be readable even from a distance. The quality of the images should be good and make sure the corporate logo does not appear distorted in any which way.

Hanging sign

Suspending a hanging banner at the centre or front of your exhibition stand is permitted in most of the fairgrounds in Europe. They help in maximising the visibility of your brand across the exhibition hall. You can choose a backlit or a front lit version. These hanging signs can be designed in various shapes and sizes.

Interactive Technology

In today’s tech-savvy world, incorporating technology in your exhibition stand is an amazing way to entice the crowd at the show.  You can include interactive touchscreens screens or LED walls to provide product demonstrations or offer highly engaging video presentations.


When participating in an exhibition, it is important to set objective ahead of time to have a clear idea of what your exhibiting aim and how to accomplish that. By setting clear objectives, you can maximise your return on investments. Broadly, objectives include the following:

  • Sales generation
  • Product launch
  • Reinforce Customer base
  • Brand Building

marKeting Strategy

Planning out a strong marketing strategy for your exhibition stand is essential. You need to plan out your pre-event, during-event and post event strategy well in advance. You could send invites through e-mailers, share information through press releases, or promote your exhibition stand through various social media platforms.


The ultimate goal of participating in an exhibition is to capture quality leads successfully because, in the end, that is what will help you generate potential business. Plan an effective post-event follow up a strategy to convert your potential leads into sales.

Modular Stands

Modular exhibition stands are flexible and lightweight as they are built using the latest techniques. Comprised of pre-engineered parts, they can be easily packed, transported, and quickly set up without tools. Thus, reducing the labour cost of installation and dismantling as well as the transportation cost.

New product launch

Launching new products is the finest way to maximise exposure and connect with your customers directly at an exhibition. You could create a buzz around your new product prior to the event to generate curiosity among the visitors. At the fairground, you could make a special product presentation for your launch.

Organiser’s Approval

While planning to take part in an exhibition, exhibitors need to follow some process before going ahead with the event. You need to take your exhibition stand design approval from your organiser. There are also multiple order forms that need to be filled and submitted before the deadline such as electricity, water and cleaning etc.

Product Display

Exhibitions serve as a great platform to showcase your product and services and get positive feedback from your target audience. Based on the shape, size and type of your products, you could design the display that ensures maximum visibility and easy sampling /handling by attendees.

Quality check

Your exhibition stand represents the face of your company. Therefore, exhibitors want to put their best foot forward in terms of quality. When you hire an exhibition stand company to design your exhibition stand design, ensure it undergoes strict quality checks before it is delivered to you at the fairgrounds.

Rent Stands

If you’re a first-time exhibitor or a seasonal one, then renting an exhibition stand would make an ideal choice. Renting an exhibition stand is cost-effective as it eliminates the maintenance cost. It also gives the opportunity to try-out with different styles and designs for a different event.

Stand builder

When you plan to promote your business through exhibitions, you will look for a professional exhibition stand design company that will help you build the right stand for your brand. You need to do thorough research which includes their total years of experience, services packages, feedbacks from previous clients etc.

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Training of staff

Preparing your booth staff for face-to-face engagement with the help of quality training is essential before the event. It will help in optimising the performance of your team and increases your ROI. Also, they need to understand what needs to be communicated and should have a good knowledge of the product or service that your company offers.

Unique theme

With so much competition around, it becomes difficult to stand out among the crowd. Designing your stand according to your brand theme is the smartest way to grab the attention and invite prospective buyers at your exhibition stand. Have a distinct theme that goes with your brand personality to bring out the uniqueness in your stand space.

Visitor profiling

When you plan to take part in a particular show, you need to research about the visitor’s profiles of that show through organiser or the show’s official site, i.e. what kind of visitors attend the show. For example, if you’re visiting PSE Europe, then their visitor profiles might include trade professionals from sectors such as Construction, Automotive, Electrical appliances, Furniture etc.

Water connection

When working on the documentation process for your exhibition space, make sure you don’t miss out on the key points such as the water supply connection or the compressed air facility. It is important to know especially if there is live cooking or product demonstration which involves water.

eXciting Activities or Giveaways

Carrying out Engaging activities at your exhibition stand is a fun way to entice customers towards your brand. You could plan out on exciting activities such as games, quizzes, contests that include customer involvement and offer gift hampers for the lucky winners. You can also provide unique giveaways that will help in generating long-lasting brand exposure.

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Yesteryear details of the show

Make sure you know the previous year’s details of the show before head out to plan anything. These details include visitor’s profile and visitor’s data. Such information will help you understand what kind of people will visit the trade show and their behaviour.  You can design your trade show marketing campaigns and train your staff as per the yesteryear’s information which will give you a perspective on what lies in store for you.

Zero-in on your leads

You are taking all this effort for the leads, so once your trade show is over zero-in your attention on the leads you have captured. Study your leads, the conversations you had had with them, analyse what they might be looking for, and design a plan on how to follow up with them.

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