Time utilizing tips for exhibitors

Time is of the essence especially when you are participating in exhibitions and shows. With proper planning you can achieve great success at exhibitions. We bring you 6 tips to make the most of your time and utilize it well during exhibitions and shows.

1. Pre-planning is essential – For any exhibition or show you are participating in pre planning is necessary. It will not only prepare you for the event in advance but also save you some valuable time. Right from selecting the right exhibition, contractor, designer, exhibition stand and exhibition stand ideas everything must be done in advance. You also need to assign a supervisor who will be incharge of the exhibition. Make sure that everything is pre-planned and pre-booked and nothing is left for the last moment.

2. Research is crucial – An important factor that is extremely crucial is researching. Before you participate in a particular exhibition, enquire about it. Based on foot-fall and exhibitors list select an appropriate show. You must also enquire about exhibition stand builders and research about good exhibition stand ideas that you could incorporate in your stand. Learning about your competitors and researching about their previous year’s marketing strategies will help you formulate one that is super effective.

3. Hiring the right exhibition stand designer – Hiring the right exhibition stand designer and contractor can help you save big bucks and some more precious time. A good stand designing company will provide you with complete range of services along with a good stand with effective exhibition stand ideas. Look out for a company that provides services like designing, manufacturing, logistics, installing and dismantling. This will tremendously reduce cost and will save you the time to look-up and coordinate with other agencies.

4. Opt for a modular exhibition stand design and build – In this fast paced age everything is modified to bring functionality and accessibility together. A good example of this is modular exhibition stands. Modular exhibitions are easy and quick to install. They do not require much time or man power for installation and dismantling. Also they look extremely sophisticated and classy at the same time. Modular stands and such other innovative exhibition stand ideas are taking the market by storm because they are light on the pocket and make this simpler and easier.

5. Utilize your time – The best way to save time is to utilize it effectively. To save precious time during the exhibition one must do basic preparations beforehand. Make sure you are done with installing the exhibition stand within or before the allotted time.  You can also use the time you set up products and accessories in your booth. You might or might not get sufficient time to set-up so keep everything at hand right from your products, accessories, gadgets and brochures hence don’t go looking around for things at the last moment.

6. Proper training of the staff– You could use excellent exhibition stand ideas and stand designs yet your stand won’t be able to retain the crowd if you don’t have an efficient sales team. Hence your sales team must be well trained beforehand. Pick the right people that will represent your brand at the exhibition and train them thoroughly about your product and services. When you have well prepared staff, you are bound to have a successful show. A good exhibition stand will pull the crowd towards it and a good sales team will retain the crowd.



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