Tips And Tricks To Make Your Next Exhibition A Successful One

Exhibitions are an excellent hotspot for audiences and exhibitors alike. Apart from meeting and networking, exhibitors from diverse industries come under one roof to present their solutions.

Participating in an exhibition involves many factors—choosing the suitable event, exhibition stand space and builder, exhibition staff, designing and printing marketing material, and the list can go on and on. And with so many steps involved in the exhibition participation process, no wonder even the biggest and oldest of players from the fraternity find it a daunting task!

Understanding the dilemma an exhibitor goes through while participating in an exhibition, we have compiled the learnings we gained over the decades to present a few tips and tricks to help you conduct a great show!

The ride to the opening day of an exhibition can indeed be a topsy-turvy affair. So here are a few exhibition tips on how to do it right!

The right exhibition stand builder

The best exhibition stands would not yield the desired results if not properly built. Choose your exhibition stand builder based on years of experience in the business, notable clientele, expertise, availability of booth options, and many more. Also, considering factors like space management, booth segregation, and planning before you are ready to host the show are of utmost importance. Thus, communicating with the exhibition stand provider, informing them about your requirement, and choosing a stand that closely resembles your idea, creates a successful.

Create a plan of action

An outline of how you wish to conduct the show is of utmost importance—from choosing products or services that you wish to display, staffing and many other things have to be well laid out. Setting realistic goals and objectives and working on them at least four months prior will surely garner the effective results you desire. Do not ignore the importance of a systematic plan to avoid any kind of last-minute hazards or technical problems!


Set a budget 

At an exhibition, you can lose track and control of your finances if you do not set a budget for it. You should sit together and curate a budget for the show. Having a budget in hand will enable you to monitor your expenses, and you will be able to stick to that. While planning your budget, make sure to allocate the costs like food and lodging for your employees alongside other expenses. Also, have a tab for miscellaneous costs so that in case of any emergency you have something to work with. By planning carefully, you can enjoy a successful exhibition within your budget.

Promotion is key

Imagine you prepping for a show for six months, and you get less audience at your exhibition stand. What a bummer, right? Thus, the right amount of promotion activity and campaigns is vital. Use emailers, and all sorts of mass media like advertising on popular OTT, television, and social media. Depending on the target audience, choose your advertisement or promotion medium and reap maximum advantage from the same. Remember to also include existing clients when you send out emailers.




Now that we know how to set it right, here are a few tricks that you can follow at the exhibition tricks that you could follow:-

  • Make use of a hashtag 

Hashtags are trending. Encourage the use of hashtags amongst your audience and ask them to upload any picture or news, or info related to exhibition stands using the hashtag. Hashtags are a great way to promote your product or spread information regarding your exhibition stand. Optimum use of this will help you stand out and spread the right sort of information. Tip: keep your hashtag simple, unique, and easy to remember.

  • Audience engagement

It is essential that when a person comes to your exhibition stand, they should be engaged. They should get to experience your brand, the products/services, and the values you represent. You could use interesting Q&A, trivia, or any other activity that gives them a feel of your brand. It should be an experience that stays with them.

  • Giveaways 

One of the best ways to attract the audience at your exhibition stand is via giveaways. Audiences are always looking for freebies or trial packs before they go ahead and purchase a full-size product. Same with services. Please use the latest technology like IoT or AI etc. and let them experience your service before they avail it. While giving away freebies, brand them well. Your logo, phone number, etc. should be very well visible.

While the above-stated tips and tricks will enable you to have a smooth exhibition experience, consider following up with your audience after. Collect business cards, phone numbers, and email ids and ask them to submit feedback and give input. Following up post shows helps you keep in touch with your audience and could also lead to sales in the coming days. These points will help you when you are planning for an exhibition. For any help with your exhibition stand, we are here to help you!

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