Tips to get the most ROI out of your trade show booth

Tips to get the most ROI out of your 30 sq.m exhibition stands


To attract the attention of participants at a trade show, renting a large booth is usually not enough. You also have to design each visual element of the booth to fit right in and look like an appealing composition.

Even a small 30 sq.m exhibition stands with the right accessories, exhibition graphics and visual aesthetics can draw the attention of your audience, while connecting to them. For this to happen, pre-planning your stand design is a must. With right amount of planning, the chance of your booth looking unique becomes better.

Taking the time to think through your design elements, can help you take the necessary steps to make your exhibition stand design ideas personalized and distinct. This leads to your target audience feeling more connected and more likely to visit your booth and engage with your brand.

This ultimately results in your brand and exhibition stands in 30 sqm getting more visibility at the trade show and a positive likelihood of more potential prospects becoming potential customers. So now that we have laid-out the benefits here are some tips to get you started:

Get your goals right!

It’s vital during the pre-planning phase that your get business objectives, location and budget right for your 30 square meters exhibition stands.  Let’s start with easiest of the three, do a thorough research on the show and decide if the show is worth attending for your business.

Do they have the right audience?

Are you likely to generate any potential leads for your brand?

Does the show have the kind of industries that your business caters to?

Followed with this is the obvious goal of determining your business objectives and communicating it to your chosen exhibition stand contractors in Germany. After all, your booth staff needs to know the purpose you want to achieve via the trade show.  Otherwise, how are they going to able to achieve it?
Are you looking for feedback on a new product?

Are you looking to reinforce your brand presence with your 30 square meters exhibition stand?

Are you looking to make new clients and network with existing clients?

These questions will help you narrow your business objectives. Assisting you to plan out your exhibiting goals and the strategies needed to achieve your exhibition stand design ideas.

And thirdly, ensure that you take into account the capital you’re willing to invest for your exhibition stand and what kind of returns do you expect, whether it’s in marketing, in leads, in sales.

This makes it easier for you to figure out, where your major design costs will be focused towards. Be it your lounge area, your product display or just the use of large graphics to make a large brand presence with your 30 sq.m exhibition stands.

Get the design right!

As you must be familiar with attention span of an average attendee, you understand that wasting it is detrimental to the impression your exhibition stand rental can make. So, you have to make sure that each design element is purposeful.  Utilize a clear, concise copy that conveys your point across instantly. Use that for your visual branding.

Secondly, even if you choose a 6×5 sq.m exhibition stands, as long as your sync your booth design with your brand goals, it will likely be a success. If you’re planning to exhibit your products, something like a double deck display can make it look more prominent. For straightforward branding, utilizing large hanging banners can quite useful.

And finally, avoid cluttering your exhibition stand rental with unnecessary props and exhibiting accessories. Always aim for creating compositions that are subtle and add to the overall design. Also, make sure that the props you use are easy to move, in case you need to change where their placed due to a large footfall or some other foreseen circumstance such as the lighting needing to be changed due the issues with the venue itself.

As a final tip, avoid going overboard with your small 6×5 sq.m exhibition stand, less is more when it comes to building your exhibition stand. Since not only does it save your budget from unnecessary expenses, it also allow your stand design to look more personalized and unique.



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