Trade show mistakes that you can avoid

Trade show mistakes that you can avoid


Bad organization at trade show exhibits that can be anything from forgetting equipment back at the workplace itself to missing trade show booths. Trade show debacles are enough to keep the most experienced event marketer up all night. Here are a couple of mistakes that an event marketer should avoid making at a trade show.

Trade show exhibits gone missing

There are numerous cases where trade show exhibits have been misplaced. Right from exhibit freight companies forgetting to ship exhibit material on time, to trade show exhibit booths getting lost in transit. All the trade show booth ideas that you and your team worked on to build a fantastic trade show exhibit can get lost in transit if not managed effectively.

The best way to avoid a missing exhibit is to partner and work with an experienced exhibit solution provider. They have a good relationship with a reputable freight carrier, who will efficiently manage the logistics of your trade show exhibit booths.  You need to communicate your show schedule and timeline clearly with your freight carrier and check-in often to make sure all your trade show related arrangements are in order prior to shipping to avoid any hassle at the end. Also, track your trade show exhibit from the moment it is picked up to the moment it gets dropped off at the event venue for extra peace of mind and to avoid trade show debacles.

Space management at trade show exhibits

Sometimes well prepared exhibitors want to pack and display as many components and products as possible into their exhibit space at the trade show. This can result into a cluttered and unattractive exhibit which would be skipped over by attendees or and potential clients from show or venue management. It is important that you look for space-smart trade show booth ideas that will draw in crowd to your trade show exhibit.

To avoid the fear of having more than what you bargained for, make sure that you plan out the exact amount of space that is needed to make an impact on the show floor through your trade show booth ideas during the exhibit design consolation process. A great way to avoid any potential problem is to inquire about a reconfigurable trade show display that you can scale up or down in size depending on the need of your trade show exhibit. While you find a way out through space management, make sure to you also study the show rules and ensure your exhibit is in compliance. You should also double-check with venue and show staff if you are unsure of some arrangements that you can make at the trade show exhibits.

Forgetting Equipments at office

The fear of being ill-prepared for an event or the fear of forgetting a vital piece of equipment is a fear known all too well by event marketers. And this factor can make a big impact on your trade show exhibit. Something as simple as packing the wrong AV cables for your multimedia display or simply getting the wrong presentation slide at trade show can ruin an otherwise seamless event. This is irrespective of no matter how good your had managed the space at your exhibition space and no matter how good was your trade show exhibit booth idea.

To avoid leaving vital equipment behind at the office, and to make sure you are fully prepared for your event at the trade show, make sure you make a checklist of all your essentials. Make sure that you assign items and tasks to member of your team to complete to avoid costly trade show errors.



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