We expect far fewer visitors to the fair

Fair organizers who surveyed the fair visitors of the previous editions often conclude that between 75 and 90% of the visitors intend to visit the trade fair in question again.

Nevertheless. How would they investigate and preach it not too much for their own parish? You could think too negatively about it.

We would be at a trade fair in Amsterdam in September. Ultimately, that fair was canceled because half of the exhibitors did not like to go. There would be no visitors because of the pandemic.

It is actually always said of the same fair that more visitors would be welcome. Yet all those exhibitors come back every year because they ran a successful trade fair. So despite the number of visitors is not so high, the quality of it seems to be high.

Conclusion: in the end, it’s not about quantity. Because even if more people were walking around, it is probably not all your target group, and in the unlikely event that it does, you will never get to speak to them all.

It is much more likely that the people who come now are 100% target audience.

Many or few people, it is not about the quantity of the visitors but the quality.




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