Why do I have to participate in a virtual fair?

I think many of us had that thought at the beginning of April. Assuming we could organize, participate and visit fairs again in September. And now…

However, we soon got the question. “Can you make a virtual exhibition stand for us?”. We honestly doubted a bit ourselves at first, because we assumed as well that we would be able to overcome the  virus in due time. But the creature is a bit nastier.

As a result, the virtual platform quickly gained a place with us. Then why should you participate in a virtual fair? Just a few of the arguments mentioned and why you might have to reconsider that.

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1. Don’t I already have a website?

Okay, but is it also rated well in the almighty Google? Google is merciless if you don’t have your SEO under control. You will often find companies at a fair that have a very good offer, but because they are a bit newer on the market, or a bit less handy with SEO, they are not found so well in Google. Suppose you are such a company.


And suppose you are now participating in that virtual fair. Then at least you will be found. Because that visitor to the virtual fair will be there at the moment. Because the visitor is looking for a specific offer. If you are not there and the competitor(s) are there, is it still necessary for that specific visitor to search on in Google? When you spoke already to 2 or 3 companies that meet the requirements of the customer’s “problem”. And if he or she does that, can you be found at the top of Google’s rankings?

2. No visitors come to a virtual fair. True or …..?

To be very honest again … We had that thought too. But that was a miscapture. In fact, the first figures are more than okay. Maybe also because it is new. Maybe we are just so curious that we want to know all about it. The future will tell. At the moment there is simply no alternative.

One thing is clear. Visitors come. And quite a lot. So probably your customers too. Can you afford not being there?

Another thing to think about. Among the visitors are people who normally do not go to a fair for reasons of time or cost. And now it is. In other words, the online audience does not come on-site so quickly. Your reach is therefore much greater.

And imagine you export a large part of your products. As in the previous paragraph, you may reach contacts at companies from countries that are unable or unwilling to travel. For whatever reason. But now that the exhibition is virtual, that barrier has suddenly disappeared.

  3. Suddenly I participate in a fair in Brazil

So you export and you dream of South America. But participating in a trade fair there is impossible, you think. Have you just developed a virtual exhibition stand that you can use there? Are you still nice with your offer?
Returning to point 1. Which Brazilian customer will find your offer on Google?


4. People have to taste our products otherwise it makes no sense

But if you are not among the virtual exhibitors at that very important fair, where many visitors come, nobody will get to know your offer. Make sure you’re there, talk to people, and arrange a nice sample package (or gimmick) that you send them. For example, after they have registered. It does cost some money, but how much do you save with the travel and accommodation costs of your stand crew.


So the future is all about virtual events?

No, it is now an alternative to live events. More likely an excellent on-top online marketing tool in the future. Maybe it will work together with live events in a hybrid shape. And the technology is now being tested in such a way that other online instruments, such as a website, will probably also be developed with that technology.

But in the end, nothing beats live. A lively spontaneous explanation, the feedback, the discussions, the body language, and especially the type of conversation is very different from online. But it is now the best alternative for exhibitors and visitors to enter or stay in conversation with each other.

So then the virtual exhibition industry is an extra and new cash cow

There is, of course, an industry that is trying to offer this platform as an alternative for survival. But the prices are not too bad. Even if you take into account that your normal operational costs are virtually eliminated.

Of course, you have to pay attention to a few things

The exhibition organization will make you a proposal for a virtual exhibition stand. These are often not the virtual exhibition stands as you may have seen them on the internet. They are often 2D images with some options for contact points, videos, downloadable brochures, and some more advanced packages that give the option of chatting or video calling. Here you can, for example, use green screens to provide yourself with a professional-looking background.


If you only want to participate in such a fair once, this is worth considering. Do you want to take a professional approach right away or are you going to participate in more virtual fairs anyway, you should definitely consider having a virtual exhibition stand of your own. With virtual exhibition stands that you let us develop, you become the owner of the virtual exhibition stand and you can use it anywhere. At any virtual fair, but also on your website. You host it with us or with a hosting party of your choice.

You can create your own online event yourself. Why not? You make a one-off investment and any adjustments can be made within the exhibition stand. You don’t have to develop a completely new virtual exhibition stand. And if you approach it like this, the costs are not too bad!

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