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Bespoke and distinctive 10×10 exhibition stands for your exhibition show in Europe

Looking for reliable exhibition stand designers for your exhibition stand in Europe? Then, look no further! Expo Exhibition Stands is one of the most trusted names within the European exhibition industry.

We started our company in 1979, with the aim to provide all our clients with a hassle-free exhibiting experience with their exhibition stand before the show. Your 3×3 or 10×10 exhibition stands are all designed with expertise that has been tempered over three decades by working on well over 800+ stand designs. All of which were successfully executed with immaculate precision.

We have a variety of stand designs for you to pick for your exhibition show. Ranging from small 3×3 to large 10×10 exhibition stands. We have the design you need to maximize your brand appeal.

Attractive 10×10 exhibition stands that will fit your brand right!

So browse through our large collection of exhibition stand types by checking out our gallery of 10×10 exhibition stand designs. By just clicking the images from our gallery, you’ll be able to view additional details such as pricing, size, stand type, and accessories included. Furthermore, we also provide value-added services such as on-site installation and dismantle, with storage facility for your exhibition stands and transportation to the fairgrounds and back. All of which are price-inclusive when you hire exhibition stands from us.

Need more convincing?

Our in-house team of expert designers can also redesign any stand type to better suit your brand at no additional costs. The size of the exhibition stand is not a restriction. We can also build you a brand new  exhibition stand design from scratch since we are one of the few expert stand designers that possess their own manufacturing and printing units to build your exhibition stand as per your design brief with form-fitting stand graphics that require no adjustments and are easy to deploy with no hassle during the exhibition show

Want to know more about our designs? Try our Expo Stand Configurator and see even more stunning stands designs.