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Opting for a trade show rental booth is always a smarter decision while participating in trade shows. For brands and companies that do not participate in shows and events often, renting a trade show booth is very cost effective. Purchasing a booth is a costlier option, and you need to have provisions to store the booth as well. Purchased exhibition booth also requires regular maintenance which further increases the expenditure.

A tradeshow booth rental is a lucrative option in the following scenarios:

You are a first-time exhibitor or a seasonal one

You need a different stand configuration for each show you attend

You have a different stand space at each trade show

You have a budget constraint, or purchasing booth does not fit in your budget plan

Exhibitors willing to test the market or facing budget issues often prefer to rent a booth instead of committing to a buy one. It gives an opportunity to try the different tradeshow booth design ideas thus helping you maximize your budget.  But if you are participating in three or more shows in a year, then purchasing would make an ideal choice. While for occasional booths, trade show booth rental cost would be cheaper compared to the purchased one as well as it offers great flexibility and creativity.

While exhibiting at a show, your main goal is to generate maximum ROI from your trade show booth. Keeping that in mind, expo booth rentals have a plenty of benefits and excellent ROI whether you are exhibiting for the first time or a frequent exhibitor.

Let’s say, if you want a home for a limited time or you want a car since your car is in the garage for repair then would you purchase a new one? Thinking from your budget perspective, you would prefer renting a home or a car for time being because that would make more sense. The same goes for trade show booths. One need to evaluate whether buying or renting of trade show booths would be cost-effective in terms of managing your trade show budget.

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Lately, brands and companies prefer trade show rental booths because of its many advantages. Brands prefer to have unique booths for every show that they participate in; rentals make this task easier and budget friendly.

Few major benefits of choosing event booth rentals are:

Low on maintenance

If you have purchased a trade show booth then you need to keep it safe after your show till your next event. For this, you require an additional storage space and if you don’t have it then you need to pay to have it. Where else, trade show rentals will be packed up and delivered to the design center after the event which will indirectly save your cost of maintaining it.

Versatile in nature

Still unsure which design would perform the best? Trade show booth rentals help you experiment a variety of portable booths. Rental services enable you to change your styles and designs for every show and customize your booth according to your requirement. And all this is made possible without compromising your budget.

Also, the company doesn’t need to worry about storing the booth either. Booths rented from a reputed company always come in good condition, so you need not worry about the quality either. Therefore it is crucial that you hire the right company to do the job.

From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm (100 sq ft. - 1000 sq ft.) custom rental booths, we do it all.
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Expo Exhibition Stands offer the most budget-friendly trade show booth rentals in Europe

Expo Exhibition Stand is a well-known exhibition stand company in Europe. Our booth rentals for trade shows in Europe have garnered a lot of popularity for years. Established in 1979, Expo Exhibition Stands is a forerunner in the exhibition stand industry and provides various services to its clients. Being one of the sought-after trade show booth design company, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that you have a smooth and stress-free exhibiting experience in Europe.

Our experienced team of designers offers over 1000+ unique trade show booth design ideas that can be customizable according to your brand guidelines and requirements. To check more design ideas, Click Here

We have an in-house manufacturing facility to make sure our booths are of top-notch quality. In our printing unit, we create high resolution and striking trade show booth graphics.

Our dedication has helped us grow and develop long-term and successful partnerships with over 18000+ valuable clients. To check our diverse portfolio, Click Here.

We offer 100% pre-built guarantee service will provide you a preview of the real build at our warehouse well in advance to make sure the booth has been designed as per your request.

Right from design and build, logistics, and storage to installation and dismantle, we offer end-to-end exhibition services with all-inclusive prices. To know more about our services, contact +49 151 62841259 /

We have successfully established a presence in every major European region, which includes Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, and Switzerland to provide on-time delivery and quick response service anywhere in Europe.

With 40 years of experience, we, at Expo Exhibition Stands, create booths that are well suited for every brand and product category. Our go-getting attitude and precision along with project management expertise make sure to take the hassle out of your exhibiting experience.

At Expo Exhibition Stands, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive event booth rental services with exceptional management. We take pride in the prominence we place on excellent customer service and are happy to have built a name for completing projects in budget, on-time and have met client goals.

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At The Expo Exhibition Stands, we specialize in the design and creation of modular trade show booths. We understand all your distinctive requirements and ensure that you stand out even at a busy trade show. The customization of each trade show booth design is a perfect blend of the latest production technologies with an undeterred passion for providing memorable brand experiences. We are one of the leading trade show booth builders that provide bespoke booths in Europe to boost brand presence and raise footfall for your brand at the event.

We have the largest catalog of designs of booths that are available on rent. Whatever your budget, we have a booth for you and your brand. You have to fill in a few details in our Expo Stand Configurator such as exhibiting location; stand type and size, and you will have a plethora of design ideas which can be customized as per your budget and requirement. We cater to brands all across Europe at competitive prices.

For getting the best trade show booth designs for your upcoming show in Europe, look no further! To get a stand-out booth that reflects your brand image, and compliments your marketing campaigns, contact Expo Exhibition Stands.

You can reach us at +49 151 62841259 or write to us at



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