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When you participate in a trade show or an event, as a brand your main focus should be to attract as many customers as possible. To help you achieve this, you will need a wide range of booth design choices to pick your next booth. Choosing a good trade show booth design can add life to any show appearance and take your brand to the next level at trade show or event, and choosing the right trade show booth design depends upon choosing the right trade show booth designer.

We at Expo Exhibition Stands are one of the most experienced trade show booth designers in Europe. We understand the importance of a good trade show booth design and trade show graphics. We cater to brands from various categories and offer complete range of exhibiting services when it comes to your trade show booths. We have build booth designs for over 18,000 clients, so our popularity in the European market is hard-earned.  With offices in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland we are spread across all over Europe

Get all-round services with your trade booth design

When it comes to creating the best trade show booth designs, we have our in-house team of experienced booth designers who will build your booth with the right appeal. The main advantage of creating your booth design from us is you get to choose from more than 1000+ trade show booth rental designs that are pre-designed by our in-house professionals.We also offer several services beyond building booth designs.

Local Presence in Europe

We have offices and warehouses all over Western Europe. This lets us provide a rapid response and prompt service to our clients on site. This also ensures that your booth is delivered to you on schedule.

Booth designs inspiration for your next booth

We have built well over 1000 booth designs for our clients. Our modular designs can be personalized to meet the brand requirements of a wide range of clients. You are sure to find a design that suits your budget and branding specifications.

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From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm (100 sq ft. - 1000 sq ft.) custom rental booths, we do it all.
  • The FUU Hall of Vape
  • Ridecell
  • Granite Devices
  • MPN
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • AF International

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In house team of trade show booth designers

Our motto to focus on design is reflected in our choice of stand designers. We have trained an in-house team of stand designers who follow a design process that has been honed for decades.Each of our booth designers have the design knowledge and understanding needed to build booths that create an impact.

Transparent Pricing

Along with providing attractive designs as a booth designer, we also offer our clients with transparent and all-inclusive price packages, which are listed on our website. All our prices are mentioned on our website with breakdown so that you can know for sure that there are no hidden costs.

Stand production and management

Our packages include a wide range of services that go beyond just designing your tradeshow booth design. Beyond handling how to create your design,we include several additional services such as storage, on-site delivery, with installation and dismantle of your booth at the fairgrounds.

100% Pre-Built Guarantee

To reaffirm our commitment to high quality when designing your trade booth design, we provide a 100% pre-built guarantee, before shipping your trade show booth to the event fairground, we pre-build it at our in-house manufacturing house and give you a sneak peek of your trade show booth rental weeks before your show. It is to ensure you don’t get any last-minute surprises at the show.

Our in-house booth designers, on-site supervisors and booth builders provide you with creative booth setup ideas and bother-free turnkey trade show booth solutions with only one goal in mind that is your trade show success.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most experienced trade show booth designers in Europe

When it comes to booths, Expo Exhibition Stands has carved a niche for itself in the European exhibition booth market. We have dominated the trade show booth market for over 40 years and have become a force to reckon with over the years. Our trade show booth rentals are unbeatable and we have partnered with some major brands in the last few years.

Expo Exhibition Stands has 12 showrooms and experience centers in Europe wherein our clients can observe our products first-hand and determine what kind of trade booth design they want for their show or event. We have partnered with more than 18,000 clients so far and the number is only increasing by the day.

One of the reasons why we are a sought after company is Europe is because, we provides end-to-end services ranging from creating unique both designs, manufacturing them, logistics, installing and dismantling of the booth and even warehousing.So, if you are looking for a company that will handle everything when it comes to your booth and even provide stand-out booth designs, contact Expo Exhibition Stands.

Here’s how you can get started looking up booth designs for your show appearance

You can easily access our designs with a few clicks through our online search configurator tool. Simply, select the city in which you will be exhibiting, then choose the booth size and then browse through 1000’s of our best trade show booth designs along with all-inclusive pricing. Moreover, you get a chance to create a free 3D design of the booth you shortlist on our website, based on your brand’s needs.

So, whether it is a one-off design or a complete turnkey project, our in-house experts will not leave before you are completely satisfied.



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