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Exhibiting at exhibitions in Europe can seem daunting. The logistics, from booth design to setup of custom exhibition stands, present a series of challenges that exhibitors must navigate. That’s precisely where our expertise at Expo Exhibition Stands becomes invaluable.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that covers every aspect of your exhibition booth. This includes meticulous stand design and build, vibrant stand graphic production, detailed logistics planning, precise installation, and efficient dismantling at the end of the show.

With our teams in 7 key European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Spain, we’re always close by to support your exhibition journey. If you’re planning to rent exhibition stands in Europe, don’t let concerns about language barriers, jargon, or local regulations trouble you. Whether you’re arriving from the UK, US, Canada, or any other part of the world, our English-speaking project managers will serve as your local contacts, ensuring you’re well-informed and involved every step of the way.

We also handle the direct transportation of your custom exhibition stand rentals to the venue. Upon arrival, our skilled team takes over the assembly and dismantling tasks. This level of detailed care and attention allows you to dedicate your energy to what truly matters at the trade show: showcasing your brand’s unique value and forging meaningful connections. 

For more information contact us at +49 (0) 6227 877-290 or email designcom@expoexhibitionstands.com.

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Expo Exhibition Stands is one of the leading custom exhibition stand contractors in Europe, showcasing a rich online collection of over 1000 stand designs. If you come to us with a unique booth design idea, our expert designers are poised to craft it from scratch, tailored just for you.

Moreover, our adept design team promises to deliver a 3D visualization of your exhibition stand within five business days. Collaborating closely with you, they ensure every aspect of the design, including colors and imagery, resonates with your brand’s story and the objectives you aim to achieve at the exhibition. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we make sure that every inch of your exhibition stand rental reflects the essence of your brand, turning the exhibition floor into a canvas for your corporate narrative.

Our comprehensive in-house capabilities in manufacturing and printing, coupled with our dedicated fleet of trucks, empower us to offer seamless exhibition stand services across Europe. This direct approach not only elevates the quality but also assures the on-time delivery of your customized trade show booth rental, minimizing the need for third-party involvement.

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Fully In-House Capabilities: By overseeing every phase of the process in-house, we guarantee outstanding quality with minimal dependence on third parties. This control spans from the initial design sketches to the final touches of assembly, ensuring that every element of your trade show booth rental meets our high standards and aligns perfectly with your vision.

English-Speaking Team: Communication is key to a successful exhibition, which is why our proficient English-speaking professionals ensure that your ideas are understood and implemented accurately, facilitating a smooth exhibition process in any European locale.

Presence in 7 Countries: Our strategic locations across seven European nations place us in close proximity to major exhibition venues, offering you the advantage of local support. This network improves accessibility, offers local insights, and boosts the efficiency and success of your exhibition experience.

Turnkey Trade Show Services: With our turnkey stand rental solution, you can entrust us with the entirety of your exhibition stand setup, including custom stand design, construction, logistics, installation, and post-show breakdown. Our aim is to ensure a smooth experience where you can concentrate on networking and presenting your brand, while we take care of all the logistics.


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From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.


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Techflow Marine Ltd

StocExpo 2024, Rotterdam

PHC Europe B.V.

Analytica 2024, Mumchen


DGK 2024, Mannheim


KNMP Voorjaarscongres 2024, Utrecht


FireSafety & Security Event 2024, s-Hertogenbosch


EAU2024, Paris

Key Tips for Designing Your Custom Exhibition Stands

  1. Understand Your Brand Essence: Before proposing a custom booth design, understand your brand’s core values, messaging, and visual identity. This ensures the design reflects your brand accurately and appealingly, creating a memorable presence at the exhibition.


  1. Consider Your Audience: Tailor your design proposal to appeal to your target audience’s preferences and expectations. Knowing what attracts and engages your potential customers will help in crafting an exhibition stand design that effectively captures their attention.
  1. Functionality Meets Aesthetics: While aesthetics are crucial for attracting visitors, functionality should not be overlooked. Ensure the design facilitates easy navigation, has space for interactions, and supports your team’s needs throughout the event. Balancing visual appeal with practical usability is key.


  1. Incorporate Technology: Incorporating technology that enhances visitor engagement, such as interactive displays or augmented reality, is a key to designing your custom exhibition stand. These elements can make your exhibition booth stand out, offering unique experiences that can significantly boost visitor interaction and brand recall.

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