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To stand-out in trade shows, one needs to invest in exceptionally good trade show booth displays. Attractive trade show booth displays can make any brand shine in a crowd of brands. Your trade show display must not only be eye-catching, but it needs to reflect your brand image and personality. It must be in-sync with your marketing strategies and highlight the key message of your campaign. Invest in trade show exhibits that complement your brand and help to bring in more crowds. An experienced company with a design-first approach for building booth displays can bring across your brand message to your target audience in an appealing manner.

So how do you look for a reputed and experienced company? It’s not like people leave reviews and ratings for the best trade show booth rentals in Europe. So you need to research the old fashioned way. Here are some questions you should consider when looking with the best trade show booth for your exhibiting presence.

How active the company has been in the exhibiting industry? The company should at least have a decade’s experience.

How many stand designs they have made over the span of their business existence?100 is a good number, but quantity is not a good indicator of quality.

How frequently have they updated their stand design portfolio? If there a large gap, then the company isn’t quite active and you should look at them more closely, before short listing them

Do they have a local presence in Europe or within the region you are exhibiting? If not then you need to carefully consider the logistical costs of shipping and delivering your trade show rental booth to the fairgrounds

Questions such as these will help you strike out amateur stand design companies and help you find reputed a stand designer more expediently.


Expo Exhibition Stands offer premium trade show booth displays in Europe

Expo Exhibition Stands is known all across Europe for its exclusive trade show exhibits designs. Expo Exhibition Stands was established in 1979 and has since catered to various brands and companies. We have built attractive trade show booths out of innovative trade show booth design ideas. With 35 years of experience in the exhibition stand industry, we at Expo Exhibition Stands understand European exhibition standards and aesthetics like no other. We create designs that are not only trendy but also fit the European market. We are known for our custom trade show booth displays and top of the range designs. With offices in various countries across Europe, we deliver booths to brands everywhere. To ensure high quality standards we manufacture our trade show booth displays in our local manufacturing facility. We also have a printing unit to make stunning, form-fitting graphics for your stand.

Furthermore, we have local presence in several major regions in Europe. You will find our showrooms, offices, and warehouses in Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and France. So you don’t have to bother with the hassle of shipping your exhibition stands to your venue in Europe. We handle it for you in a timely manner.

Expo Exhibition Stands believes in providing its clients the best quality booths at competitive prices. We offer all-inclusive packages with transparent prices. To cater to various brands and product categories we have built designs that suit every brand and budget. We have a unique and easy to use Configurator that enables our clients to select their budget and location and browse through designs that match their criteria. With the largest catalogue of booth designs in Europe, our booths are guaranteed to catch the attention of your target audience and help you achieve your marketing goals.

So contact Expo Exhibition Stands for the best booths in Europe.

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