Why partner up with Expo Exhibition Stands for your exhibition stand in Nuremberg?

Our colossally committed and experienced pool of exhibition stand designers attempt their best to offer you turnkey exhibition stand rentals in Nuremberg, Germany

Our knowledgeable project directors will guide you to a hassle-free show with regular and communicated milestones so that you don’t have to worry over any of the project execution

We have cutting-edge printing and manufacturing units that make dazzling exhibition graphics, these graphics are made using dye-sublimation technology so that there is no loss in quality, no matter the size.

We have offices, warehouses and showrooms in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Very few exhibition stands constructors in Nuremberg, can provide you with such an extensive logistical support.

So, if you have your next show at Nuremberg, Germany, then we have some of the best exhibition stands.

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Is your next show approaching closer? Do you want to make a fantastic brand impression using effective exhibition stand design ideas?

Then why not partner up with one of the best exhibition stand builders in Nuremberg?

Expo Exhibition Stand is one of the leading exhibition stand builders in Nuremberg, Germany. We have over 40 years of experience in curating world-class exhibition stands for brands that are located across the globe. We have a wide client base of more than 18,000 brands in Europe and around the globe. We remain a reliable source due to our exhibition stand services. You want to hire an all-round stand designer and builder that can bring your exhibition stand ideas for Nuremberg to life then we are the ones you can reliable on.

Pick your next exhibition stand design for Nuremberg, from our collection of over 1000 stand designs

We have built several stand designs for exhibitors looking to exhibit in Europe. Our Expo Stand Configurator is proof of that, it takes into account your specific brand needs and you company budget. All you need to do to use it, is select Nuremberg and your stand size, based on that data it will show you several exhibition stand design packages, with clear transparent pricing.

So why not give your brand a fresh out-of-the-box look with the rental package for your next show at Nuremberg? We even customize existing stand designs to ensure that it matches your brand vision.

We customise your exhibition stand hire for Nuremberg and design it to improve your brand impression and give it a significant focus at the show.

All our exhibition solutions and services are in-house; ranging from exhibition stand design and build to fabricating exhibition graphics, warehousing, to install and disassembling, we assure to offer you a trouble-free exhibition appearance at Nuremberg, Germany.

Our office is located near the A3 highway, which one of the main highways connected to Nuremberg and we also have a manufacturing plant at Sankt Leon Rot, Germany, this helps us ensure that your exhibition stand is delivered in a timely manner.

When you choose an exhibition stand hire in Nuremberg you budget is considered, hence we provide transparent and price-inclusive costing so that you get the right balance of design and services.

So, don’t wait get in touch with us for your next exhibition stand design for Nuremberg!


From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.

  • The FUU Hall of Vape
  • Ridecell
  • Granite Devices
  • MPN
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • AF International

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Checklist before setting up exhibition stands in Nuremberg

If you plan to exhibit in a city like Nuremberg, then you would benefit from the expertise of a local exhibition stand contractor, this will reduce shipping costs and ensure that you’re hiring an expert that is familiar with the exhibiting rules and regulations in Nuremberg, other things you should consider are:

Be creative and bold in your stand designs. Nuremberg is a popular trade show destination so there is a strong requirement for your stand design to visually stand out from your competitors.

International trade fairs in Germany are heavy monitored and audited to ensure reliability and authenticity. This is handled by the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM); their figures are available to the common public. Use these figures to make an informed decision about which trade fair will benefit your business the most.

Nuremberg, Germany is one of the most popular destinations for exhibitors. The city has its own airport which makes it a booming hub for exhibitions and trade shows. Every year, over 1.2 million visitors to Nuremberg just to participate in trade shows.  So pre-booking is a must.

The city plays host to well over 120 trade fairs. It hosts a diverse collection of trade shows that include sectors such as cyber security, HVAC, pharmaceuticals, die casting, automotive, bio-engineering, beverage technology and pet products. So most specialized businesses have a shot at lead generation, if they attend the right exhibition show for their industry.

Competition is stiff and if you plan to hire exhibition stands for Nuremberg you need to hire local exhibition stands constructors from Nuremberg. Since a stand designer that is not just highly experienced but also familiar with the exhibiting industry in Germany at a local level, will be able to blend your brand and create the right exhibition design to appeal to your audience.

One-Stop solution for your entire exhibition stand, with the aim of a successful participation

Popular Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in Nuremberg

The city provides great opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their products and services to a global audience. Nuremberg hosts over hundreds of tradeshows annually. Imminent professionals such as CEOs and high ranking executives attend trade fairs at Nuremberg. Any exhibitor that can secure a stand here is sure to benefit immensely in terms of networking and exposure.

Here are some of the more prominent trade fairs to look out for:



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