Looking for a reliable exhibition stand manufacturer to handle your exhibition stand design and build in Netherlands?


Netherlands is a popular destination for exhibitors. Several international exhibition shows are held around the year. Big brands always participate in these exhibition shows with their distinct exhibition stands. So your exhibition stand design and build in Netherlands exhibiting scene needs to be excellent and unique. For that you need to hire a reliable and experienced exhibition stand partner that understands how various aspects such as the audience’s expectations and demographic to the brand’s theme and objective play a role for influencing the final look of your exhibition stand.

It pays to look for exhibition stand builders in Netherlands, since they would be well-versed with the local exhibiting rules.  This would help you save time and money not to mention the cumbersome burden of logistically coordinating with your exhibition stand designer a few hours prior the show.

Furthermore, local stand builders have better insights on what types of stand designs would the audiences and show organizers prefer. If you hire exhibition stands without paying special attention to the stand design Amsterdam based can put your brand impression at risk in front of a global audience. But also, you can’t do it alone, so put some time into finding a stand builder that has decades of experience in the European market with proven expertise of working with various exhibition stand types. If they have local manufacturing and printing units for their exhibition stand design and build in Netherlands then that can be a formidable bonus.

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Why consider Expo Exhibition Stands as your executing your exhibition stand design and build in Netherlands?

Responsive Service and Rapid Delivery

Our company has offices and warehouses across Europe in regions such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland. Furthermore, our local project managers in each region will provide you are with all the assistance you need for your exhibition stands.

Local manufacturing and printing units

We follow strict standards of quality at our manufacturing units when building your exhibition stand. Our printing units utilise the latest in dye-sublimation technology to ensure that your prints are crisp and exhibition-ready. Whether you’ve rented small or large exhibition stands Amsterdam based, our designers ensure that your graphics immaculately match the scale of your stand design with no loss in detail.



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