Why pick Expo Exhibition Stands for your Trade Show Booth Rentals for Germany

Looking for trade show booth rentals in Germany? Unsure about the market you’re stepping in? Expo Exhibition Stands has you covered! We have a whole range of show services:

We provide you with several trade show booth designs to conceptualise for your trade show booth

We have a local manufacturing facility in St. Leon Rot. Germany, where we handle production and printing of trade show booth and its booth graphics.

We warehouse your booth materials and provide transportation with on-site installation and dismantling service

Our exhibiting services are comprehensive, and our pool of well-versed project managers make sure to deliver your trade show booth on time, anywhere in Germany.

Our expert team at Expo Exhibition Stands offers trade show solutions such as custom designed modular trade show booth, standout booth designs to choose from, high-quality booth graphics, a well-knit network for an efficient show experience

These are benefits of our all-inclusive trade show booth rental package in Germany, Hamburg and rest of Europe.


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How’s it like to exhibit in Germany? Why we can help!

Being the second largest populated state in Europe, Germany is the main hub for hosting various exhibition shows in Europe. It has been witnessed that nearly two-thirds of the world’s flagship exhibitions happen in Germany. There are above 6,000 exhibition locations with cutting-edge infrastructure accessible for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and other events. It is one of the prime locations for international trade fairs. The total percentage of overseas exhibitors participating with trade show booth rentals in Germany is more than 50% with a proportion of 30% overseas attendees.

Here why Expo Exhibition Stands can help:

We at Expo Exhibition Stands have partnered with more than 18,000 global clients to build their trade show booth rentals for Europe

We have a local presence in six countries across Europe and offer turnkey trade show rental booths that are exceptional in creating your brand presence

Our extensive network in Europe gives us the logistical backing to store and quickly transport your booth anywhere in Europe

We have over 1000 trade show booth design ideas for Germany. This allows you a wide variety of stand designs to choose your next exhibition stand

So whether you have a show in Netherlands or Hamburg, we offer world-class trade show rental booths in every city in Europe, including trade show rentals Hamburg. So, what are you waiting for? Get your trade show booth rentals in Germany or any other city from the best in the industry


From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.

  • The FUU Hall of Vape
  • Ridecell
  • Granite Devices
  • MPN
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • AF International

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Choose from a wide range of Trade Show Booth Rentals from Germany – Expo Exhibition Stands

If you are looking to make a brand presence that lasts even after the show ends, then you are in the right place. With the help of Expo Exhibition Stands! Make a wide base of customers and create a major impression with your trade show booth display in Germany. Expo Exhibition Stands has been taking into account its customer’s needs since the last 40 years and still counting. We offer a broad scope of trade show booth rentals in Germany. We have a committed team of full-time employees who are skilful, talented trade show booth design experts and make the best effort to bring into life the brand guidelines which define your trade show booth. We are well connected in the entire European region and make sure to offer you the best trade show booth rentals and show services at the most competitive prices.

 Contact us on +49 151 62841259 or email at designcom@expoexhibitionstands.com to book your trade show booth rentals for Germany.

Exhibiting facts and tips while setting up trade show booth rental in Germany 

Germany encompasses of four largest exhibition venues in the world which include Hannover Messe, Frankfurt Messe, Köln Messe and Düsseldorf Messe, making it a popular destination for international exhibitors.

Ensure you book a space beforehand to get the prime spot and also early bird discounts.

Only choose trade show booth builders from Germany since they will be well-versed with the local rules and regulations for exhibiting.

Make sure you choose friendly, well-informed and professional booth staffs and provide sales training to them before the show.

Popular Exhibition Shows in Germany, Europe

Every year, around 31,000 exhibitions take place globally, and it has been observed that 10% of the world’s exhibition market is held in Germany. There is an extensive list of shows that you could be a part of with the help of professional trade show booth builders.

Here are a few as mention below: 




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