10 Good Exhibition Stand Ideas for your next exhibition


In an exhibition, with so much competition around, you just have a few seconds to grab people’s attention and get your brand’s message across your potential customers. It is always a tough competition at exhibitions, with brands putting their best foot forward to outdo each other. It is a neck to neck competition to win over the audience. So, how do you make sure that your stand really stands apart from the crowd?

Companies and brands concentrate majorly on their exhibition stand design and inspiration. It is not just an easy way to stand out in the crowd but also an important aspect of your show.  A good exhibition stand is a right balance between the space provided and the budget allocated. Without a proper balance, your stand might cost you more than it’s worth. Exhibition ideas not only help you make a good impression but also help in generating new leads.

To make things slightly easy for you and to maximise the opportunities for business growth, we bring you 10 good exhibition stand ideas for your next exhibition. These ideas will certainly help you optimise your exhibiting at an event.

Good Exhibition Stand Ideas for your next exhibition


Up to 18 sqm  

20 sqm – 30 sqm

32 sqm – 48 sqm

Above 48 sqm

Over the years, the exhibition industry has been consistently a developing sector and each time demand more and more creative and innovative exhibition stand design ideas in Germany, without getting affected by all the weary things. With a specific end objective to be visible in an event, your exhibition stand should look unique, alluring and attract maximum visitors towards your brand. The stand design plays a major role in making your brand the talk of the show.

A lot of money is invested on good exhibition stand ideas on any given show by various brands. The best exhibition stands are usually the ones that effectively embody the brand image and help brands to emphasize the key message of the marketing campaign. When selecting from different exhibition stand ideas, it is essential to select a design that perfectly fits your brand image. It is not necessary that exhibition stands ideas that work best for one type of business will suit other.

There is a common misconception in the market that expensive exhibition stands are usually better than inexpensive ones and yield better results. To break the bubble, exhibition stand prices do not determine the effectiveness of the exhibition stand design and inspiration. A good exhibition stand idea may not necessarily put a hole in your pocket. It could be cost efficient and very profitable for the brand. Take inspiration from your competitors and contemporaries while on the hunt for good exhibition stand design ideas.

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A Creative exhibition stand is originated from good exhibition stand design ideas. With enhanced thoughts and advancements, you can showcase your products, brands, and services in the most unique way. Customizing your exhibition stand designs will certainly help you elevate your brand presence. You could partner with one of the best exhibition company who has a rich experience in the exhibition industry. With the help of highly professional and experienced designers, you will have the most appealing stand designs that can help you gain maximum attention at the event.

Study the market and your brand and analyse the current trends in the exhibition industry. A quick look through the previous year’s exhibition will give you a good idea on what scale your contemporaries are participating in exhibitions and it will help you lock the appropriate design for your stand. One can also take inspiration from successful stand designs of the past, adopt the concept and make changes to suit the current market requirements. But be sure to find your perfect fit that matches your brand image and requirement. This will ensure that the exhibition stand you choose will be a success.


We have built lasting brand impressions and customer engagements through compelling exhibition stands. Don’t just take our word for it; read on to see what our clients have to say about our world-class solutions and services.

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