5 things to attract crowd at your booth

Tips to consider at a conference to attract crowd at your booth


Conferences at the trade fairs are places where you can connect with your audience and filter out potential clients that can help your company and your brand presence grow. To do this, you need to have a clear understanding as to what is it that your customers are really looking for when they visit your exhibition stands. You can learn more about the science of shopping and marketing your brand so that you know just what to do to highlight your brand at the next conference at your exhibition stands.

If you are wondering how to attract crowd to your event, then we have listed below a few tips that will help you to lure maximum attendees at your next event.

Strategize yourself to be at the correct location

Most shoppers at a conference pay little or no attention to signs and banners that are strewn at your exhibition stand. So investing in huge, colorful displays might not be as important as making sure that you are at the right location at the conference hall. The spot right next to the door is not best for the work, either.  What you need to do is to place your exhibition stands at a suitable interval of stores within the conference facility so that visitors at the conference will find it convenient and would want to stop by. Make sure that at this spot your conference stand design looks inviting and intriguing enough for the visitors to want to take a look.


Comfortable seating for your booth visitor

The most inviting part about exhibition stands is how comfortable their furniture is. It should be a priority that, in a suitable sized booth to provide at least one comfortable chair that visitors can use to rest. Visitors are ever grateful for this sort of sensitivity shown by exhibitors at the trade fair as they are already exhausted doing rounds at various exhibition stands. If this means taking out components of your booth in order to accommodate for the right and a comfortable seating, it is highly recommended that you choose the right seating.



Go the right way

Well, this is one of the most interesting ways you can speculate a good traffic flow at your conference stand design. Most people are right handed, which means that they would choose to go right when they enter a store or an exhibition booth in our case. Therefore, it can be advantageous to find a booth location that is to the right of the entrance and making it the first place that the people at the conference hall would look when they enter the convention center. If somehow you don’t get the ‘right’ location, you can also place all the essential items in your booth that need attention, to the right of the booth so that people go there first.



Stimulating visitor’s senses can help

Rather than just overwhelming a person’s sense of sight, make your booth equipped in such a way that the visitor at your booth experiences a multi sensory experience that stimulates different senses.

Giving the visitors at your booth hands on experience of your product will make them want to try it out, and also help them remember it for when they really need to make a purchase.




The human element matters

Towards the end, it is the human interaction that is available at the booth that can make a big difference. This is the reason why conventions are held. They provide that element of interaction, thus allowing people to see faces behind the name and all the hard work. You need to make sure that your booth staffers are well equipped and knowledgeable with your brand. Train them to be gentle and firm in the way they speak about your brand. This will make a good impression about the brand.




Consider a product demonstration

Try to remember the last time you were at a trade fair or any other event. Was there a crowd gathering at a particular booth? Did you notice a speaker at the center of this crowd? Didn’t you feel like getting close to satisfy your curiosity? That’s the magic of a live demo.

Giving a live demo is a great way to attract crowds to your conference. People are always interested to get more information. This is especially true if your product demonstration is entertaining. So how do you make it entertaining and engaging? The answer is quite simple; you let your audience participate. Make it a part of your fun trade show activities. You can do this either through friendly competitions or watch and repeat contests. Include giveaways and you can keep your audience engaged while informing them about your product.


Have a lounge area

Standing around and looking at trade show stands is tiresome. Walking the entire length of the trade fair, multiple times, is grueling. Have a designated space, where attendees can relax and cool their heels for a few minutes. By providing comfortable resting spaces with mobile-charge points and free WiFi you will see a lot of attendees dropping by at your exhibition stand.

To make your lounge space more engaging you can place a blackboard or whiteboard that can work as a comment wall. Ask visitors who are relaxing to write a small message. You should place your comment wall next to your conference space. This will act as social proof and encourage more visitors to visit your exhibition stand and see what your conference is about.


So there you have conference display ideas or tips to attract a larger footfall for your conference. We highly encourage you to mix and match our ideas to create an interactive experience that is unique to your brand.

These were some of the few simple ways of attracting visitors to your exhibition stand. If you are still confused and are wondering as to how to attract crowd to your event, then refer this article.


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