Colours are the secret ingredients to increase footfalls in your exhibition stand

Colors are the secret ingredients to increasing footfalls in your exhibition stand


You can’t underestimate the influence of colors. Several studies agree that color is the most important visual cue for influencing buyers. Colour plays a huge role in determining the mood and theme of any exhibition stand design. The wrong color combination in any design breaks the mood of an onlooker. The right mix of colors is crucial for your brand to be acknowledged. The correct utilization of color within a branding space can draw attention to important visual points. This conveys the theme of your exhibition stand design making it instantly recognizable.

So how do you utilize color for your exhibition stand?

Having a basic understanding of how color works will help you understand why certain stand designs work. You can bring this knowledge into use when planning your future marketing campaigns.

Here are three great color ideas to consider:

Use black to make an impact

Black is often perceived as a sophisticated colour. Brands often use black to make their products look distinct and glamorous. It works well with most colours, especially white. If you want your exhibition stand graphics to convey authority and status, incorporating black will help you achieve that.

Use Orange to energise  

Orange means passion, fun, and energy. You will often see brands for children and teens incorporate orange to some degree in their branding. You can do the same to instil liveliness in your attendees. You can even make your staff look more friendly and approachable by using an orange colour scheme in their uniform.

Use Red to vitalise 

The effect that red has on the psyche is well-documented. Red excites the senses. It is the easiest colour to spot, hence traffic lights and stop signs around the world use them. Incorporate red for your hanging banner, so that your booth is visible to attendees across the trade fair.

Look beyond the basic colours

Consider this scenario, you want to use colour to make your exhibition stand design look more exciting. But your own brand’s colour scheme doesn’t leave enough space for you to add more colour.

How do you work around it?

How do you make sure that you get most out your remaining colour choices?

Simple, you pick colours that are analogous with your main brand colours. Analogous colours are colours that pair well together. A good example would be the sunset you would see every day, which combines yellow and orange to create a rich and harmonious look. Finding analogous colours that match the colour you are looking for is easy, there are several colour wheels you can find online to guide you. You can use a simple RBG or CMYK colour wheel to assist you. Both are used by designers from various industries and neither colour wheel is superior.

Enhance your Aesthetic Appeal

There is not much you can do with the colour of your brand logo. But you can play off with the other colours for your exhibition stand graphics surrounding your logo. If your logo is green then surrounding colours like red or yellow will help it pop out and look three dimensional against the background. Don’t restrict the use of complimentary colours to the walls of your exhibition stand. You can use those colours for your stand accessories, equipment and even the uniforms of your stand staff. A word of caution though, you should avoid using multiple colours, its best to combine your primary brand colours with different hues of the same complimentary colour.

Other aspects to consider for exhibition stands

Beyond the walls, banners, and exhibition stand graphics you should also consider the flooring, counters, uniforms and giveaways items as well. As we briefly mentioned, colour coordinated uniforms to match the colours of your exhibition stand design can make you stand out in an attractive and memorable manner. Another benefit is that your staff can be recognisableto attendees when they are out promoting your brand.The flooring of your stand is another aspect you can enhance with colour. For example, when we designed a stand for Ridecell, our brief was that their exhibition stand design should look fresh and be relaxing. So we used green carpets that were sequenced with white flooring to invoke that feeling in attendees.

Bringing it all together

Colour theory is vast subject in itself, but we’ve covered some useful ways colour is be utilized for exhibition stands. There is a lot more to subject which will explore in future posts. But we hope that the points we’ve covered have built your understand on how colour can make a huge difference for the perception of exhibition stands.

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