What is the future of trade fairs?

What is the future of trade fairs?


Tradeshows and exhibitions have been around for decades. Where print media ads and radio broadcasts have gone obsolete, marketing experts are speculating what the future holds for trade fairs and exhibitions.

Over the years, trade fairs have been reinvented rapidly. From a basic fairground showcasing products under one roof to creating an experiential space for the consumer, trade fairs have come a long way. This is the second reason why trade fairs are here to stay. So, “What is the first one?” You may ask. The prime reason that trade fairs are here to stay is because they provide a platform for both B2C and B2B sector. Although B2C businesses have various outlets to market their brands, trade fairs are the paramount platform for B2B companies to connect with their target group. Not just this, trade fairs offer various benefits to the exhibitors like

Increased brand exposure

An opportunity to connect with the audience

Strengthening brand credibility

Grounds for networking

Boosting sales

Building business alliances

There is no better platform than trade fairs that brings together industry professionals at such a large scale. Renowned trade fair WIN Eurasia attracts more than 150,000 visitors per show. In the past few years, trade fairs are more than just exhibitions, they are have become grand scale events that attract industry professionals, investors, potential businessmen, experts from various parts of the world. Most exhibitions last for 2-3 days giving exhibitors ample time to engage and address the multitude of visitors. Conferences, workshops and seminars have become an important part of various trade fairs. The conferences alone attract executives from the globe. Seminars about the latest innovations in the industry keeps exhibitors and attendees up to date with the new developments and also forecasts what could be the next big thing to watch out for.

However, the fate of trade fairs relies in the hands of innovative exhibitors and show organizers. The future of trade fairs looks promising.

Here are some of our predictions for the future of trade fairs.

Technology will take center stage – A strong presence of techno is already felt in popular trade fairs across the world. In the coming years, it is assured that every show organizer and exhibitor will embrace the latest technology in the quest to stay updated with their target group.

Make way for transactive exhibits – Visitor engagement will be the focus of every exhibitor. Transactive exhibits are already gaining popularity in Canada and New Mexico. These exhibits encourage visitor engagement by allowing them to participate in the production process conducted at the exhibition stands.

Think outside the ‘booth’ – The new-age exhibitor is all for creating an experience for the visitor. The future of trade fairs, as we see it, will wholeheartedly embrace the concept of creating an experience as opposed to exhibiting a product. The exhibiting experience will not be restricted to the confines of a booth, enabling exhibitors to create a larger than life image of the brand.

Eco-friendly trade fairs –With the increasing awareness of global warming, eco-friendly initiatives are an imperative step taken by many countries across the globe. We see complete eco-friendly exhibitions replacing the age old fairs in the near future. Use of sustainable exhibition booths, LED lights and eco-friendly gadgets will be compulsory for trade fair participation in the future.

Partnership will triumph–We see trade fair organizers paying close attention to the exhibitor list. Trade fairs won’t be about making revenue but rather presenting a powerful coherent image. Exhibitors will be shortlisted based on the required criteria of a particular trade fair. Trade fair organizers and exhibitors will work in tandem to present a spectacular show.

With the kind of possibilities trade fairs have to offer, you can be certain that trade fairs aren’t going anywhere for the next couple of decades. In fact, with below the line marketing activities taking center stage, trade fairs may emerge as a crucial brand building activity.

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