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Have you ever been amazed by an exhibition stand at a show? If yes, then chances are that the exhibition booth in question was a bespoke exhibition stand design. Recollect all the shows you have visited and exhibition stands that impressed you. Again, there is a very good chance that those exhibition booths were bespoke.

A bespoke exhibition stand designs tend to leave an impression due to its originality and ingenuity. Among a row of shell scheme stands that are so similar, a bespoke design ends up being the one you see one that truly stands out in the crowd. If you still remember an exhibition stand after the show, then you can understand the impact it had on the visitors. Bespoke exhibition stands are designed to imprint on the minds of the visitor. They are powerful tools that you could use to boost brand recall value and reinstate your brand position in the market.

What are bespoke exhibition stands?

Bespoke exhibition stands or custom exhibition stands are booths that are made as per the exhibitor’s requirements. For brands or companies looking for an exclusive exhibition stand design that accommodates their various design prerequisites a bespoke booth is an ideal option. Every element of a bespoke booth can be tailor made. Since a bespoke booth is all about customization, it is majorly made of wood. A bespoke booth could also be made with modular components along with wooden structures, if the exhibitor demands. Such exhibition stand designs are known as hybrid booths.

More often than not, major brands across the globe opt for bespoke exhibition stands. A bespoke booth empowers the company to express and exhibit their brand as they deem fit. The scale of the exhibition also determines what kind of booth a particular exhibitor must opt for. For a big scale exhibition, reputed companies generally opt for large exhibition stands that are tailor made as per their criteria. For modest scale exhibitions, companies may opt for small exhibition stands.Although a small booth can also be bespoke, typically companies tend to gravitate more towards modular booths for their functionality and ease of use.


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How are bespoke stands different from modular exhibition stands?

Modular exhibition stands are made with pre-engineered parts hence complete customization with modular exhibition stands is not possible. Modular exhibition stands are made from sustainable materials such as aluminum and can be reused several times.

Bespoke exhibition stands on the other hand are made using wood; this is why they offer complete flexibility when it comes to design. Bespoke exhibition stand designers have the scope to implement eccentric exhibition stand ideas, when they work with bespoke exhibition stands, especially when non-linear elements and curves are part of the exhibition stand design. But the rigidity of woodwork, paint and polishing  involved with bespoke booths doesn’t allow the exhibitor to reuse the same bespoke booth again at another location.

Advantages of bespoke exhibition stands

Design flexibility – Depending on the capability and resources bespoke exhibition stand designers, they can create unconventional exhibition stand ideas when they work with bespoke booths. Bespoke exhibition booths offer complete design flexibility and help you to communicate your marketing message effectively to your visitors.

Scope for last minute improvisation– Often exhibitors wonder whether they could add certain elements or remove some when they see the final product. Even with bespoke exhibition stands hire there is always scope to accommodate last minute alterations and improvisations.

I&D is taken care of – When you opt for a bespoke exhibition booth, you needn’t worry about the installation and dismantling process of your exhibition stands.The installation and dismantling process of a bespoke booth requires technical assistance. Hence, the I & D , exhibition graphics, painting, polishing etc of a bespoke booth is taken care of by the exhibition stand design company itself.

Disadvantages of bespoke exhibition stands

Requires ample time for production– If you opt for a bespoke exhibition booth you need to book it way ahead of time with your exhibition stand company. Designing and production of bespoke exhibition stands is more time consuming when compared to modular exhibition stands. If your exhibition participation is a last minute decision then commissioning a bespoke booth is not recommended.

Requires on-site technical assistance – The various elements of a bespoke booth are assembled on site using drilling and carpentry. To ensure that bespoke exhibition stands hire remain intact throughout the duration of the show and to take care of minor issues, you need at least one professional person on-site.

Non reusable – Baring a few elements of your exhibition stand, you cannot use the same bespoke booth for the next show you plan to participate in. The wood used to manufacture the booth is painted on, drilled and polished. After one use and especially during the dismantling process, the wooden elements of the booth cannot be salvaged; this is why you cannot reuse the same booth again.


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Premium bespoke event stands in Europe

Events and exhibitions are packed with various brands and companies. These brands are constantly competing against each other to win the attention of their target group. To stand out in the crowd, brands must really go out of the way to create a unique identity for themselves in the mob of exhibitors. Creating an exclusive identity for a brand especially in an exhibition is a rather difficult task. You are confined within the boundaries of your exhibition booth and yet you must manage to win over the crowd. An easy way to achieve this is by opting for a bespoke event stand. A bespoke stand is a stand made in accordance with your requirement and brief. Bespoke or custom stands are made specifically for the brand and look less like an exhibition stand and more like an extension of the brand.

Custom stands give an exclusive look and feel to the brand and the whole set-up making audience stop in their tracks and take notice! There are some qualities that every bespoke event stand must possess. A custom or bespoke stand must reflect the brand’s personality and image. It must be unique and striking but it must not take away from the brand and the key message that the brand is projecting. It must be built in compliance with the marketing plan.

Successful and reputed brands more often than not opt for bespoke event stand that resonate with their brand image and also give a distinctive look.  A bespoke stand will give you everything you want in a stand and more. These stands are pricier than others because they are created specifically for you.

Many companies make custom or bespoke stands, to help you out we have created a carefully curated list of premium bespoke event stands in Europe.
When should you opt for bespoke exhibition stands?

Often exhibitors are confused about the kind of exhibition booth they should opt for. Both modular exhibition stands and bespoke exhibition stands have their share of pros and cons. To clear the confusion, here’s when you require a bespoke exhibition stand

When you want to create something out of the box –

Are you tired of seeing the same exhibition stand designs and need something different? Then bespoke exhibition stands are here to cater to your needs. With the help of a creative exhibition stand designers you can create a truly exclusive exhibition booth for your next show.

  • When you have a special marketing campaign–

    Often brands opt for bespoke exhibition stands when they are working on a special marketing campaign. To emphasize their key marketing message or certain aspects of their marketing campaigns, brands resort to bespoke booths that offer flexibility to do so.

  • When you plan on launching a new brand/product–

    With a hundred exhibitors competingagainst each other, you need an extra little something, especially when you are launching a new product in the market. You need to pull the attention of the audience towards your booth with eccentric stand design and for such occasions bespoke exhibition stands are ideal.

  • When you are participating in a large scale exhibition -

    Selection of an exhibition booth also depends on the scale of exhibition you are participating in. For a large scale exhibition, you need to match up to your competitors, this is why for big exhibitions, bespoke exhibition stands are a preferred option

Although modular exhibition stands are gaining tremendous popularity, they haven’t been able to completely replace bespoke exhibition stands. Brands and companies still prefer bespoke exhibition stands when they want to stand out in a pool of exhibitors at the show.




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