Why you should consider small stand & How to come up with small exhibition stand ideas that work

Exhibitions offer a great opportunity for companies to connect with audiences that have a genuine interest in the products and services. Over the years, the exhibition industry has grown to accommodate big and small brands. Every brand and company can find a stand that matches their brand personality and fits their budget.

Small exhibition stands are quite economical, since you do not need a big space for a small stand. You will also save when recruiting staff for your show since a small stand doesn’t have room for many people. A staff of two or three salesperson for your small stand can suffice while making its presence felt. With the right strategies your staff can make the most out of your small exhibition stand.

A small exhibition stand is not only cheaper but they are easy to install and dismantle. They can be installed in a few hours and won’t take much to dismantle as well. They require minimum manpower. Even when it comes to transportation and logistics they do not cost much since they are quite portable and transport-friendly.

Even with small stands you need to conceptualise relevant exhibition stands ideas to help in creating a worthy impression of the brand, service or product. Currently newer brands are opting for small exhibition stand ideas, since smaller stands can still project their brand image and ideologies well while also remaining budget friendly. Even with a small 3×3, 4×3, 4×4, 5×3 exhibition stand there are some neat stand ideas which can be executed.

Some small exhibition stand ideas to get you started

Since 1979, we have successfully helped clients execute their stand ideas for their show appearance in Europe. Since, we worked with several types of exhibition stands ranging from large ones to budget exhibition stands. We can get you started by suggesting ideas for your small exhibition stand designs:

Go Jumbo

Among small exhibition stand design ideas having jumbo-sized versions of normal objects is eye-catching. It gives your stand a quirk look and works well to promote your products and businesses. Jumbo-size objects provide a nice visual and playful appeal to your stand. Visitors will appreciate this, since it gives a nice break from the more professional look of other stands.

A Takeout Café

Exhibition shows are physically tiring; there is no doubt about that. Visitors spend hours walking and talking at the trade fair naturally they would require food and coffee. You can attract several visitors to you stand by having a small coffee and bagel counter where visitors can bag these goodies for either a nominal fee or for free. You can have your takeaway mugs and carry bags labelled with your brand logo. As exhibition stand builders, we’ve had several clients ask for a side café in their stand, since it has such a large draw. Exhibitors focused on lead generation often prefer to incorporate them.

Use AR/VR technology to make it livelier

Technologies used at exhibition shows are something to behold. Augmented and virtual reality gives audiences a unique three-dimensional experience. Projection mapping that lets you add a 3-D depth to your exhibition stand graphics to AR mirror that let customers try out your products in real-time. You stand size is not a limitation that you need to worry about when using these types of technology. AR and VR technology isn’t cheap and does drive up exhibition stands prices but the footfall you gain is well worth the price. You get audiences who are engaged but also get to promote your products and services in a direct way.

Best Small Exhibition Stand Ideas

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  • exhibitions stands
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  • stand exhibition
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  • modular exhibition stand
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  • RE3X2 014
  • exhibition booth design ideas
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  • exhibition graphics
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We offer full exhibiting services along with designing your exhibition stand hire

When you are working out developing your exhibition stand design on your own, the margin for error is high. You can end up with the possibility of using all the wrong advertising tools, which results in you not benefiting at all from taking part in exhibitions and trade shows to get the desired sales results.

Depending on the type of brand strategy you want to follow, you may need to redefine or modify your advertising and promotional strategy. If you want to improve your sales figures then you need to build a stand design that focuses on generating leads and improving your sales strategy.

If it’s just branding then your exhibition stand design will need to focus on using right advertising and social media tools at exhibitions to get the desired results.

Exhibition stand designers can help you know what design would be appropriate for your goals; they can shorten the brainstorming process and save you time and money through their experience. Many exhibition companies also offer great services and have affordable exhibition stands prices. You could take help from the right exhibition company and discuss the various small exhibition stand design ideas as per your requirement.

There are several companies who provide exhibition stands hire service according to your budget and the size of your stand. You need to look for innovative and cost-effective exhibition solutions. Though it might appear that big exhibition stands help in getting the maximum attention at an exhibition, but still, you could have the same impact with smaller exhibition stands too by designing them the right way.

There are many exhibition stand companies in Europe that offer great services at affordable prices. Expo Exhibition stands is one of them, we have over 40 years of experience in building exhibition stands for exhibitors looking to showcase their brand in Western Europe.

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Our Featured Services Include:

Our stands are curated, designed at our in-house manufacturing and printing units in St. Leon Rot, Germany and Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Even if you choose to have an existing design customised, this is where it’s curated.

We have large catalogue of over 1000 stand ideas for your small exhibition stands, just visit our website and use our stand finder tool, to filter out several small stand designs for your next show presence.

We also offer our clients full exhibiting services inclusive with your stand design, which includes transportation to the fairgrounds and on-site installation with dismantle. So a novice exhibitor does not have to get tangled into the tedium of exhibition project management.

For smaller and newer businesses, small exhibition stands are not only cost-effective but a smarter option. Participating in exhibitions can help your brand tremendously and starting small will help you understand the exhibition industry without costing you too much. If a 3x3 exhibition stand seems too small for your booth ideas then you can opt for a 4x4 stand rental these are quite effective as well.

So if you are looking for a small or large exhibition stand design we can help.



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