A Complete Guide to Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Have you ever visited an exhibition?

If yes, then what attracted you to a particular stand? Was it the products or services they offered? Or does the innovative exhibition stand for design ideas? Or the unique exhibition graphic design that set them apart?

Whatsoever your answer might be, what made all this possible was the innovative design at that exhibition stand.  Before understanding the nitty-gritty of design ideas in an exhibition stand, let’s start with the basics.

While talking about an exhibition, the very first thing that is likely to come to our mind is the exhibition stand. So, let’s understand what exactly an exhibition stand is for?

Essential visual elements that work as building blocks for a good exhibition stand for design ideas

A medley of multiple and distinct units works in unison to create an attractive composition. Your exhibition stand follows the similar universal rules of design and composition when being built. Understand each visual design element that goes into making your creative stand design. This way you will be able to manage your capital better and not fall for design gimmicks that scarcely contribute to the final look and feel.

So let us break down all the pertinent visual elements that define the look of your bespoke exhibition stand design.

Stand Space 

Stand space can restrain the length and breadth of your exhibition design, but only to a small degree. In the end, it’s your budget and exhibition objective that will decide the floor size of your stand space.

First, you need to ask yourself why you need a particular amount of floor space and wall space in an exhibition.  The most common spaces for which exhibitors need concrete explanations to set up a stand are meeting rooms, storage areas, lounge areas, shelves for product displays, and reception counters.

Make sure you know that a single product display needs lesser space.  Booking your stand space a year in advance or immediately after the current show end can work wonders, as it gives you multiple options and a chance to book your space at a cheaper rate.


Location is the most important factor when it comes to setting up an exhibition stand. The traffic pattern at the exhibition hall will be the deciding factor of your stand location.  Consider the flow of traffic from the entry and exit points, pathways to conferences, restrooms, and cafeteria. This will also decide the entry and exit point (if you have a corner/island stand) for your custom exhibition stand design and banner Point of Sale.  You will be able to figure this out if you get a detailed floor plan from the show organizers.

‘Important Note’

If the organizers have not marked the position of support pillars and air conditioning ducts, it’s better to ask beforehand. This can hamper your creative exhibition stand design. Understanding all this will help you make an informed decision to select the most suitable location for your stand.

Stand Type

There are many hybrids and custom stand types that exhibition stand designers and builders offer their clients, but we’ll explain the three most basic stand types most exhibitors use frequently.

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    1. Shell Scheme Stands

    If you are looking for small exhibition stand ideas, these are two or three-walled stands, which show organisers provide you with wall panels, floor carpet, and usually a façade showcasing the company name across the top. This stand can then be decorated with the company’s branding. If you are on a low budget, a Shell Scheme Stand is a perfect option for you. These are typically just 3x3 meters shells, but you can book more than one to have a 6X3 space. Rented out in 3x3 meter shell spaces, an exhibitor looking for more space can rent more than one shell space to have a 6x3 space. Why 6x3? This is because these shell spaces are attached to a single back wall which connects them, leading to a fixed floor height.

    2. Raw Space Stands

    Also known as ‘raw space’, it simply means renting the floor space for building a custom/modular exhibition stand. With Raw Space, you will have more personalization options, allowing you to create a custom or modular exhibition stand which is peculiar to your brand image. You can take the help of an exhibition stand contractor to know the cost of such a set up, but a full service contractor to take care of everything related to your exhibition stand design and build will make the process significantly easy.

    3. Row Stands

    A Row Stand is part of a row, sharing wall space between two stands. It typically has one open side along the foyer. Row stands are also considered cost-effective by many exhibitors. But if the space rent is lower, Row Stand mandates at least a 3-side wall construction which could increase the size of your booth along with, printing and building cost. So, it is a trade-off between what takes preference for your visitor’s experience; stand space and orientation or booth construction elements. They also require more ‘creative’ work on design and presentation to stand out from its neighbours. Its three walls offer enough space for product displays, a reception counter, LCD screen, and display stands.

    4. Corner And Two Corner stands

    You can use a Corner Stand if your booth is at the entrance or at the end of a Row Stands set. Since you have two sides open, it will allow you to have two entry points, making this layout open and inviting. Placed at the intersection where there is a huge flow of traffic, Corner Stands offer plenty of room to build several sections such as a lounge seating, a storage room, and a meeting room. You can even add an L-shaped banner, multiple display stands, and different types of seating.

    5. Island Stands

    Island Stands surely come at a higher price compared to all the other stand types, but the high price compensates for a huge exposure you brand will gain. It’s the most eye-catching and visually appealing stand type. The lack of walls here means you are completely dependent on display counters and display podiums for branding. But you can get as innovative and creative as you want by attaching an attractive banner to the ceiling or erect a billboard on top of the central column. You can reach out to several attendees on each side and present multiple products with distinct creative visuals.


    Breaking down the theme and look from your exhibition stand design ideas

    The brand guidelines and objectives of the company will decide the theme and the final look of your exhibition stand. So there is no sure- shot rule to executing a creative exhibition design that will win the show. We are providing you with the guidelines that will help meet your expectations.  The theme and look will drastically affect the factors below.

    Composition: Composition means the placement of objects in a correct and aesthetically pleasing manner. The same principle applies to exhibition stand design ideas. Don’t clutter the objects and make sure there is enough space between them. Keep the easy visibility and spacious accessibility for attendees in mind. Also, consider the purpose of every counter, showcase and shelf.

    Would placing your seating near the entrance serve the better its purpose? Or would your seating at the back near your open pantry suits better?

    Would it be better to place giveaways at the reception counter up front? Or a small meeting room at the back?

    Consider if the objects you have placed serve the intended purpose? If not, then consider discarding them.


    Never solely rely on the lighting that show organizers provide you. Always have your own customized lighting set-up in place to ensure that you can decide the mood and ambience you want to create for your attendees at your bespoke exhibition stand. Color lighting does a great job when it comes to conveying the distinct theme your exhibition design.


    Your brand guidelines will decide the colour palette of your exhibition stand design. There is not much room for innovation and there is no need to do so either. Simple exhibition stand ideas can also be quite effective. More colours may result in more clutter, which reduces brand recall. Aim to make the clearest and quickest brand association possible in the mind of the attendee.

    Fonts and Graphics

    In exhibitions, font and graphics are used at three key visual points, with the goal to send a clear message to the viewer. Those three points are High Branding, Eye-level Branding, and Low-Level Branding.

    – High Branding is where the name and logo your company is placed. This should be easily visible to even distant viewers. The best way to do this is by printing the brand name on a fascia header high up on the tallest wall in the booth. A hanging banner rigged from the top is also a good idea to get noticed from a distance with high branding. You would however want to check with the organizer’s guidelines to ensure regulations are met and related costs budgeted for hanging banner.

    – Eye-level Branding is where your mid-range exhibition graphics come into play. These are used to differentiate and distinguish your company from your neighbours, when visitors walk down the foyer. Brand messages, taglines, product line logos, design patterns, brand images are incorporated to distinguish the exhibition design.

    – Low-Level Branding is for when the attendee is up close to your exhibition stand. This is where you can place other interesting facts about your company and get in a bit more detail about what your business is all about. This tends to be a little heavy on text but your exhibition graphics should still dominate the visuals to gain higher engagement.

    Your fonts should remain consistent across all three visual points; its size can vary, but it’s strongly recommended not to utilize more than two unique fonts. Also, keep the text minimal, crisp and to the point even at Low-Level Branding.

    Since attendees have to go through dozens of exhibitions stands during the show, their initial interest level will be limited. The less effort they have to put in figuring out your stand, the better it is for your brand.  Rely more on exhibition graphics and photos than text.


    This again depends on the theme you want to portray with your exhibition stand design. Are you trying to present a sterile, somber and professional look? Then use of laminate flooring will be a better option than carpet. Flooring can enhance the tactile element of your exhibition stand, provided it follows the tone you set out to meet. You can also use these platforms to hide all the electric wiring, freeing up more space and reducing clutter.

    Print Quality

    With exhibition stands, fabric print and vinyl print are the most common ones utilized. Both have their pro and cons but either one is a good option. Prints in vinyl have a glossier look in comparison to fabric which has its own texture that has to be accounted for. You won’t have printing size limitation with fabric prints and you can go as large as your exhibition stand design requires. The Fabric exhibition stand graphics are also more resilient to wear and tear and its graphics don’t get warped when folded.



    Exhibition Stand Design Ideas that are Budget Friendly

    Budget-constraint is no more a hindrance to achieving an awe-inspiring exhibition stand for your next event. The best cost-effective design idea for exhibitions is to have roll-up banners since they display enticing large graphics and are available at a pocket-friendly price. You could also complement your stand with aesthetically pleasing folding brochure holders that are economical and flexible. Although it is economical,  most of the roll-ups and brochure holders available in the market lack quality and do not make a big impression in front of your visitors.

    One of the excellent ways to saving on your budget is to rent a stand instead of purchasing one. This will enable you to have fresh designs for every show at a comparatively low cost. Obviously, setting up a fantastic exhibition stand on a budget is not rocket science. All you need is diligent planning and smart decision making when it comes to using cost-effective creative ideas for exhibition stands, which can have a lasting impact.

    Designing a Shell Scheme Booth

    Apart from the above budget-friendly exhibition design ideas for your stand, another lucrative way to make an impact at an event is through renting a Shell Scheme Booth. Now, what do you mean by a shell scheme booth?

    A Shell Scheme Booth consists of a modular system space that an organizer generally provides you. . It is sort of a small booth that comes in a package consisting of a carpet, a grid ceiling and a fascia name board. It is usually 3mx3m in size. Although it is small in size and has a restricted space, strong graphics and utilization of proper space will certainly pack quite a punch. Some prefer booking two Shell Scheme Booths, making their space larger to 6m X 3m. You could also make use of magnetic pop-ups and portable podium/counters for a greater visibility and storage of your giveaways and belongings.


    Engagement Ideas that Support your Stand Design

    Exhibitions are a great opportunity to market your product or service and build connections in the industry. And you definitely don’t want to miss this chance. To have a successful event at an exhibition, you need to draw the maximum crowd towards your stand. So, how do you pull their attention? Though 60% of your event success depends on your exhibition stand, the rest 40% depends upon how you manage to engage your visitors and achieve the desired goal; after all, the purpose is to create a remarkable experience for your customers.

    For this, let’s find out what are the engagement ideas that will certainly complement your exhibition stand design ideas in boosting engagement at your stand.

    Interactive Session

    The best way to make your exhibition stand appear alluring is by presenting a live demonstration of your product or service. This will enable visitors to view your product in-person. You can also set-up a visual presentation through touch screens or video walls. One more technique of adding a WOW-factor to your event is by having digital graffiti walls that enable visitors to draw and write on a digital screen. This certainly will work as a great interactive tool.

    Organizing Games & Contests

    Who doesn’t like to win? And the idea of competing for a prize encourages people to participate in the activities. Therefore, games arranged at an exhibition stand can do wonders in luring customers towards your stand. You could also organize quizzes in the form of contests that could test or challenge their knowledge. This could be entertaining, engaging and informative at the same time.

    Distributing Freebies

    People love free stuff. Nothing will upturn the frequency of visitors to your stand like the giveaways. Just remember, the value of the gift will likely determine the attraction towards your stand. So, make sure that you choose your giveaways wisely keeping in mind the target audience and the line of business. The trick is to select really cool ones that make your brand stand out from the crowd and create a talking point around your brand.

    VR/AR Experience

    With technology speeding up, virtual reality and augmented reality have surely succeeded as a head turner at exhibitions. Transform your stand into an interactive arena by developing amazing virtual applications for your event. This will not only create a buzz, but also develop a sense of curiosity among the attendees. It can help you spread your brand message in a fun and exciting way.

    Spread the Word Socially

    To make your event a grand success, it is imperative to promote it on social media and other digital platforms. While exhibition enables you to associate with the customer in-person, social media lets you connect with them online before and even after the show.  Plan out a media strategy that will help you inspire and engage the audience, creating a stir on digital platforms about your products and services.

    Host a photo booth

    Who doesn’t like a photo? Setting up a photo booth at your exhibition stand would definitely attract visitors. . You could have an innovative backdrop banner, props, or décor that incite people for clicking photos at your stand. Sending the photos through email will enable you to get their contact information.

    Touchdown Spots

    Exhibitions can be tedious and time-consuming for exhibitors as well as for visitors. Therefore, offer the attendees a place to relax and unwind themselves. This way you could invite them to your stand and pitch your products or services. You could create a special seating arena at your stand that enables free Wi-Fi or recharge points for visitors who leave their contact details.

    Pre-set Appointments

    Another easy and effective way to get your target group to visit your exhibition booth is to send them an email stating your booth location and if you can set-up an appointment with the right person at your stand. Genuinely interested visitors would respond positively to have a focused discussion at your stand that would be mutually fruitful for both.


    So, these were the majority of the engagement ideas that could be used as part of your exhibition stand design. People love to interact, and arranging such engaging elements in your exhibition design will help you create a memorable brand experience for your potential customers. We have we have given you exhibition stand design inspiration for your next event.

    Design Ideas based on Modular and Custom exhibition stands

    While choosing between Modular and Custom exhibition stand design for your event, you need to take time and develop a brief about the criteria that could affect the stand success.  The mainly includes budget allocated, the size required, transportation means, and reusable stand requirement.

    A modular exhibition stand design is flexible in nature and can be reused. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Custom exhibition stand enables you to create a customizable creative design. They are more preferable for the one-time exhibition. They offer a variety of styles, shapes, colour with custom designs to grab center stage at exhibitions.

    Statutory Compliance Guidelines You Should Be Aware Of

    Each show has its own set of guidelines to follow. . It is impossible to list each and every one of them, but we can give you an overview of the most common ones that are followed. Apart from creating aesthetic stand designs, you need to keep in mind the stability of the stand for the safety of the people around. While exhibiting in an exhibition, it is necessary to check the structural stability of your stand in order to avoid an accident at an event. It is important to adhere to the safety laws that apply for building a temporary structure. Use of explosives, flammable fluids or combustible materials is prohibited within the venue. The materials used for the stand has to be B1 fire-resistant especially at European fairgrounds. Electrical installation must be fitted in compliance with the latest safety regulation.

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