20 simple exhibition booth design ideas that help you stand out at exhibitions


Nowadays marketing is not restricted to traditional means and platforms. It has expanded its horizon and now marketing is a good mix of both above the line marketing activities and below the line marketing activities. Above the line marketing comprises of traditional medium. Off late below the line activities are gaining a lot of prominence, especially exhibitions.

With the way below the line marketing has expanded to include internet marketing. Large and small exhibition booth design still remains the primary method to target business professionals and retailers. A trade show booth can bring you the right kind of customers from the right industry. The cost of an exhibition booth rental is usually high but the long term returns with regard to the quality of customers and better rate of sales conversation make it quite viable.

Major brands and companies are actively participating in exhibitions to reap maximum benefits off this platform. Sure, exhibitions involve some added expenditure but it is widely subjective. There is a common misconception that participating in exhibitions is an expensive affair. There are a lot of expenses involved from booking your exhibition spot, to hiring a good exhibition booth contractor for your small booth design ideas and arranging for others services such as assembly and dismantling but with budgeting and chalking out an effective plan. Various exhibition booth builders offer a wide selection of small and simple exhibition booth design ideas for first time exhibitors and small time investors.Not only are these cost-effective and safe options for first-time exhibitors, with the right kind of exhibition booth construction they can make an effective brand impact for your business at the exhibition show.

To make the job easier for you we have compiled a list of 20 simple exhibition booth design ideas for your next show.

20 simple exhibition booth design ideas

Simple exhibition booth design ideas focus majorly on minimalistic designs that are clutter free and effective. They are not very heavy on the pocket either. They enable you to participate in exhibition with a relatively smaller budget and assist you to make the most of your participation. The selection of your trade show booth is important to consider before considering your booth setup ideas. Depending on your type of business, you have to consider,which type of exhibition stand will suit your brand. Big and grand is not always better. A lot of times a small exhibition booth design can do the job well, even better than any large exhibition stand. For example if you have a food and beverage business and want to test the consumer response for a new product then having a small exhibition booth would be a more cost-effective way when compared to a large exhibition booth.

Infact, many marketing gurus think having simple and minimalistic exhibition booths design in Europe is a way more effective than elaborate exhibition booth design. Simple ideas help to communicate the marketing message more effectively to the target audience have greater brand recall value. You’ll be surprised at the variety of simple designs available in the market. However, you need to be careful about the stand design you select to represent your brand at the show in which you are participating.Through research must be done before you book your exhibition booth rental. You must assess your brand guidelines with the help of an exhibition booth designer and come up with booth design and booth setup ideas for your show.This helps you to narrow down the right simple booth design that will portray your brand. This ensures that your brand and business stand out during your participation at the trade show.

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