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To guarantee a high return on investment, it’s recommended to rent stands from reputable and reliable exhibition stand builders in Munich. And we are one of them.

Our facility is strategically situated in Olching, Germany, a 45-minute journey from Messe Munich, the leading exhibition center in the city. This proximity enables us to transport exhibition materials, including booths and any other equipment or displays, efficiently and economically, enhancing the overall installation process.

Consider us an extended team in Munich, handling the complete process of your exhibition booth while ensuring transparency in pricing. 

We are a leading booth manufacturer specializing in crafting rental custom exhibition stands that are not only functional but also effective in drawing attention and making a memorable impact on attendees and industry professionals. Our team, fluent in English, is well-informed about the local exhibiting guidelines to ensure a smooth experience.

You can check our online configurator with 1000+ customizable exhibition stand design ideas along with their prices. This clarity facilitates easier decision-making, as you can clearly understand the financial aspect of each option and service we offer, helping you to choose the best solution for your exhibition requirements.

Reach out to expert booth manufacturers today for immediate assistance. Contact us at +49 (0) 6227 877-290 or send an email to designcom@expoexhibitionstands.com.

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From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.

Handling Everything Related to Your Munich Exhibition Stand Rentals

Munich is renowned as a bustling German city. It is famous for hosting diverse and prestigious exhibitions. These events are pivotal platforms for businesses across various sectors to showcase your latest innovations, elevate their brand visibility, and connect with peers, potential clients, and investors. When you decide to present your business at these exhibitions, partnering with one of the leading exhibition stand builders likeua becomes an essential part of your strategic approach.

Turnkey Rental Solutions: Our services include rental solutions for bespoke exhibition stands, cover everything from trade show booth design, and construction to logistics. Here’s more about what we offer:

Equipped with an in-house logistics team and a fleet of delivery trucks, we ensure that every aspect of your exhibition booth is managed in-house, without relying on external parties.

Our in-house graphic production facilities feature large-format printing capabilities, ideal for crafting impactful graphics for larger trade show booth rentals

We handle the setup and dismantling of the exhibit at the event, allowing you to focus on achieving your exhibition goals without the hassle of operational details.

Dedicated Project Coordination: Each exhibition stands project is assigned a project manager responsible for all administrative and technical aspects. This includes task coordination, timeline management, team and client communication, and ensuring efficient and effective project execution. Additionally, the project manager handles all essential coordination for water, internet, and power supply with the event organizers.

Ready to Stand Out at Your Next Exhibition in Munich?

Innovative Design Strategies for Munich Exhibition Stand Rentals

When it comes to showcasing your brand at an event, using innovative design strategies with the help of experienced booth manufacturers cannot be overstated. Here are some innovative strategies to consider when opting for exhibition stand rentals in Munich:

Embrace Local Flair: Munich, a city rich in culture and history, offers a unique opportunity to infuse local elements into your exhibition design. Collaborate with booth builders who understand how to merge traditional Bavarian styles with modern aesthetics. This not only attracts attention but also creates a memorable experience for attendees.

Leverage Technology: In today’s digital age, integrating technology into your exhibition stand can set you apart. Work with booth suppliers that offer the latest in digital displays, interactive touchscreens, and VR experiences. These technologies not only engage visitors but also provide immersive ways to demonstrate your products and services.

Sustainability is Key: As environmental concerns continue to rise, using sustainable materials and designs is more important than ever. Partner with booth builders that prioritize eco-friendly practices. This could include using recycled materials, LED lighting, and designs that minimize waste. Showcasing your commitment to sustainability can resonate well with a global audience.

Flexible Designs: The needs of exhibitors can vary greatly. Opt for booth manufacturers that offer flexible designs which can be customized to different spaces and configurations. This adaptability ensures that no matter the size of your space in Munich, your stand can be tailored to fit perfectly and look stunning.

Bold Branding: Never underestimate the power of strong, clear branding. Choose exhibition stand builders who are skilled in creating designs that feature bold graphics and clear messaging. A visually striking stand with cohesive branding helps make your booth the focal point of the exhibition.

By embracing these innovative design strategies and hiring skilled exhibition stand builders, you can ensure that your presence in Munich is not just seen but remembered.


Aymeric Lecanu


Expo Exhibition Stands was very responsive to our need to rent a booth with 6 weeks notice. Managed all aspects professionally, Looking forward to working with them again.

Katie Kossow

Dynamic Ratings

Had a great experience. Was looking for a vendor in Europe to work with for a show in Paris. Being in the USA, I was worried about time difference and language. However, Expo Exhibition Stands was able to respond quickly, speak in English, and they did a great job setting up at the event .

Karina Lawrence

Ride Cell

Great company. Sophisticated booth design, fast turn around time, easy communication Can recommend this company to anyone

Essential Tips for Your Forthcoming Exhibition in Munich

In Germany, it's a common practice to exchange handshakes at the beginning and end of every meeting.

Inform Munich-based companies about your intention to participate in their local trade shows and extend an invitation to visit your booth.

For larger booths, it's common and acceptable to offer services including beer, wine, and various liquors.

Messe Munich consists of four event venues: the Trade Fair Center, the ICM – International Congress Center, and the CCN – Conference Center North, all situated in Munich Riem.

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