As one of the oldest exhibition stand contractors in Europe, we’ll ensure that you have a worthwhile show experience

Well if you are wondering what makes a great exhibition show then it is definitely the collaboration of amazing exhibitors and brands put together. And what makes a great brand presence? Then the answer is your partnership with the right exhibition stand contractor in Europe. What qualifies as an ideal contractor? Well, one who has several decades of expertise building exhibition stands and who has the experience to help international clients looking to exhibit in Europe. A contractor who’s a veteran will have hundreds of stand designs in their design portfolio. They will also be able to guide you on the best choices to make when exhibiting in Europe.

If you are worried about who would offer you world-class stand design and build, then we are here to help you. With an overall stand design and build the expertise of more than 40 years, we not only understand the ins and outs of the exhibition stand design industry in Europe but also are reliable and trusted when it comes to exhibition stand companies in Europe. We have worked with numerous clients looking to bring their brand to Europe. We are one of few exhibition stand manufacturers that have in-house manufacturing and printing units in St. Leon, Germany, and Apeldoorn, Netherlands. So we can guarantee that our stands are curated and built by exhibiting experts that are familiar with the European exhibiting industry.

At Expo Exhibition Stands, our primary goal is to ensure that you have a successful and bother-show experience. So whether you are looking to have someone to manage your exhibition project or you are looking for complete exhibiting services, we can help you with that. Our project managers ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting your stand to the fairgrounds. Our project manager will keep you updated at every step of your stand design. They will also ensure that your exhibition stand is delivered to the fairgrounds in a timely manner.

If you do not want to buy a stand design, never mind; you can always choose to get an exhibition stand hire by partnering with us – the leading exhibition stands contractor in Europe. Our exhibition stand designers understand your brand needs perfectly and curate stand designs that make your brand stand out among your competitors.

Our Services

We are one of the few exhibition stand companies in Europe that have well over 1000 stand designs from which you can choose your next stand design. You can easily browse these designs on our website, with the help of our Expo Stand Configurator. Available on our website, this search tool lets you find your next stand design easily. You simply need to input the city and stand size, then click on ‘See price’. Our configurator will do the rest, listing for you, several stands at various budgets. This makes it easy for you to pick your next stand design, based on your budget. The best part we have fixed prices for all our exhibition packages, so that you can plan ahead.

Along with our experience and all-inclusive exhibiting services we also have an established presence as an exhibition stand design company in Europe. Our local presence is Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Switzerland ensures that we are equipped to offer your prompt delivery and a quick response, no matter where you plan on exhibiting.

So talk to us on +49 151 62841259  or email at to get your next exhibition stand from a known exhibition stand design and build company in the region.


From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.

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  • Cathay Pacific Airlines
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What makes us the most dedicated and reliable exhibition stand contractor?

If you have this question in mind, then know that we are the best in the industry and our client base of 18,000 global brands make us what we are today. We have built dozens of winning stand designs that have help clients differentiate their brand during the show. Our customisable, brand-focused stand designs allow exhibitors to express their brand identity as per their choice.

We also provide services beyond that to help our clients have a positive exhibiting experience. We have in-house exhibition services that include stand designing and building, consultation, warehousing and logistics, graphics printing, stand installation and dismantling. Our broad experience and the knowledge of the local exhibiting rules help us in offering a worthwhile show experience.

We offer every essential exhibition service under a single roof!

Our Services In a Glance:

We are here to stay and are trusted by many exhibitors within Europe for our full range of exhibition services, which includes:

100% Pre-Build Guarantee –Exhibiting is a complicated process, and there is bound to be glitches. To remove such possibilities, we build your exhibition stand weeks prior the show to test it for glitches and ensure quality. We also send you pictures for your finalised stand design, so that you can have a clear assessment of how your exhibition stand look and prepare yourself better for what’s ahead.

I&D Service –We offer our clients installation and dismantle services at the fairgrounds, so that you don’t have to worry about getting your exhibition stand ready during the show.  
Logistical Support –Storage and transportation becomes difficult, when you are not familiar with exhibiting rules within the region. We has a local presence at major exhibiting cities in Europe, this means that we are able manage storage for your exhibition stand at our warehouse and deliver for your stand to the fairgrounds.

Customisation –Whichever stand design you pick from our stand configurator, we are ready to customise it for you from exhibition graphics, build, and accessories, so that it suits your brand guideline, correctly.

We are one of the most reliable trade show stand contractors in Europe, since we’re able to provide our clients a complete stand exhibiting solution. Be it through design, building and exhibition stand graphics thanks to our in-house manufacturing arm, extensive logistical or stand design consultation through our experience.

So whether you are searching for innovative exhibition stand design ideas or are looking for exhibiting support to help you through a range of exhibition stand rentals, then we can be a high-value partner for your exhibition appearance.



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