Ways to Beat Your Competition at Trade Shows

7 Ways to Beat Your Competition at Trade Shows

At trade shows it is always a tough fight to gain the attention of your audience. With so many brands and competitors showcasing their wares, it becomes crucial for you as a brand to cut the clutter and stand out in the crowd.

To do so you need to go back to brainstorming for trade show booth design ideas that suit your brand. Not just design ideas but also marketing ideas, you can start by looking at other successful trade show booths within your industry. Doing this can be tremendously insightful in understanding how some of the best trade show booth designs are crafted and what they do right! We have disseminated some pointers to get you started.

So, here, we bring you 7 tips that will help you beat the competition at trade shows.

1. Unique trade show booth design ideas – The most effective way to beat the competition is by investing in a good custom trade show booth design. A booth that stands out in the crowd and reflects the brand’s true personality leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Unique booth design ideas help the brand to create a distinctive image at the show and gets you noticed in the crowd.They can help your audience spot you from a sea of other trade show booth display types at the trade show. By investing in a unique, bespoke booth that portrays your brand’s personality you can instantly step ahead of the crowd.

2. Market! And then market some more – After you are sorted with booking the prime spot at the trade show and picking a suitable custom trade show booth design, your next step should be to promote and market your event. Marketing your presence at the trade show will guarantee good foot-fall. Not only it ensures that your potential audience is aware about your participation but marketing will also help you strengthen your market position.Do make sure you mention about your trade show booths in your marketing activities and use every avenue in your control such as social media, BTL and ATL marketing to promote your booth design. By synergizing your trade show booth design ideas with your advertising campaign you can promote your booth outside the show itself 27/7.

3. Keep your trade show stands upbeat – It is always recommended that brands and companies keep up with the latest trends in the market, same goes for your trade show booths.Keep your booth vibrant and in-trend, incorporate elements that resonate with the younger crowd and yet compliment your brand image. Most brands fail to connect with the audience simply because they rely on obsolete technology and methods. Using the latest technology is always well accepted in the market. Furthermore, by using the latest technology available you open up new possibilities for the range of trade show booth design ideas that instantly become available to you. Want to give attendees a presentation but don’t have the budget to hire a speaker? An audio visual presentation with lounge seating is the perfect alternative. Want to users to experience your hotel ambience in real-time? By using a combination of Virtual Reality and textured backgrounds you can make them experience the same.

4. Invest in stunning trade show graphics – In a pool of traders and competitors trade show graphics help your audience to identify your brand in the crowd. Stand-out graphics increases brand’s visibility at the show. Graphics not only give a distinctive look to the trade show stands but they also help you to imprint your key message in your audience’s mind. Graphics with strong punch lines and suitable images stay with the audience long after the show as well.  So collaborate with trade show booth designers to figure out your demographic to brainstorm the most appealing graphics for your booth.

5. Get social media savvy – A good way to stay relevant and in-trend with the crowd is by connecting with them online. You can promote and market your show online and on media platforms relevant to your target group. The internet surfing group has expanded to include audience from various age groups and location, good way to ensure they know about your show is by announcing it on social media and extending invites if possible. This can be quite useful to create buzz around your booth prior to the show. Keeping customers both old and new updated.

6. Give brownie points to the techie – Another way to get popular with the crowd is by giving away goodies and prizes. At your trade show stands put up posters asking users to tag their location or share an image of your stands. If your booth has photo op incorporated a trade show booth designer then you can take this even further. You could even ask them to share a short review about your brand and show on their social media platforms and in return they could win goodies and prizes! This will pull in more crowds to your booth and also get you trending on social media at the same time.

7. Game on! – Your trade show stands are your turf, you could make them as lively or as professional as you prefer. Even if you are a brand catering to mature audience, a little bit of fun and games can take your brand and business to the next level. Depending on your product and target group organize interactive activities at your stand such as games and quizzes. It will help you project a friendly image and bring more audience to your stand.

To conclude we hope that the tips we have suggested above will maximise footfall at the trade show. These are just some methods that we have suggested for making your booth design stand out during a trade show. These tips are a great primer to get you started but it’s not necessary for you to utilise all of them, pick the ones that seem relevant your exhibiting goals and utilise them.

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