Booth design ideas that will work wonders for your automotive trade show

If you are into car making and designing, automotive trade shows are your Mecca. Such trade shows are a great way for people to get a sneak peek into the future of cars, commercial vehicles, and transportation on the whole. Car manufacturers look forward to automotive trade show exhibition participation for showcasing their latest inventions and innovations. And you certainly don’t want to get lost in the crowd where every carmaker is eager to get people and media attention. To highlight the unique features of your latest car or the distinctiveness of a car part, you certainly need booth set-up ideas that help you achieve your goal.

Here are some booth design ideas you can use for your next automotive trade show.

Most carmakers opt for open space or a separate hall in the exhibition area to launch their new cars, and to showcase their car systems and components. In an open area, they can effortlessly showcase multiple cars with different USPs or features. The most important thing to consider when finalizing your booth design ideas is that the view of your car or machine shouldn’t be hindered by too many vertical structures. These vertical structures can box your automotive machine and hamper the viewer’s attention. Even though it’s not a strict no-no, try not using more than two vertical structures around your car. Exhibitors can also opt for back and sidewalls. Consider the layout of your exhibit hall for booth ideas before you finalize it.


trade shows flooring Play with flooring

Since your booth has no walls or minimum vertical structures, ask your booth designer to put maximum emphasis on floor designs. Avoid bright colors for your floors as they can easily blend with your brand colors. Automotive exhibitors usually settle on the color white, giving their exhibit a minimalist and sleek vibe. And if you think you need other colors to balance the overall ambiance, team it up with metallic and black. Whites can also be balanced with wood tones.



exhibition booth hire - EESUse Unconventional shapes for your exhibition booth hire

If you have automotive accessories and car components to put on the display along with exhibiting your latest cars, podiums, and showcases are your go-to options. Most booth designers suggest using angular and aerodynamic shapes for podiums and showcases to represent the sense of speed and dynamism. You can also hang these angular shapes from the ceiling of your exhibition area. This creates a great visual effect and adds dynamism to the cars. For branding, you can also use pylon Signs, but make sure it does not hinder your other displays.




Let lights do the magic

Lights hands downplay a huge role in enhancing the look of your product display. They can certainly make or break your exhibit. Different kinds of light have different roles in an exhibition. You can use warm lights to perpetuate the colors of products and to brighten up the place. Gobo lights and laser lights are in high demand for launch events in the automobile trade shows. If you are using white flooring, you can use gobo flashlights and custom imprinted flashlights to make a subtle and smart brand statement. Flashlights are quite useful when it comes to product presentations or live product demos.

Most automotive exhibitors are upbeat for ‘hanging lights’ which allow them to highlight a particular accessory or car component on the display. It is easy to put your hero product in the limelight with flash and hanging lights.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality has started taking a center stage in an exhibit hall for booth ideas. With these groundbreaking innovations, you can not only show what your car looks like but also give your visitors an experience of what it might be like to drive your car. Augmented and virtual reality can make your simple booth design ideas exceptional. It can be a personalized, unique, and up-close experience for someone who has an interest in your car. Augmented Reality can be very useful in giving a clearer version of interior cabins and engines.



Let your exhibit reflect your brand personality

Last but not the least; if your automobile brand has a certain personality, your exhibition booth must reflect the same, so that people can instantly relate once they enter your show. If you have a sports car on the display, your exhibition should look like a sports car show, reflecting your brand personality in specific. Brands like Harley Davidson and Ferrari make sure that their brand lovers instantly get the feel of the brand once they enter their exhibition hall. Whether you are opting for exhibition booth hire or buying a custom exhibition booth design, these exhibition booth design ideas will help you get an edge for your next automotive trade show exhibition participation.


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