10 Excellent Exhibition booth setup ideas to dominate the market


Marketing is a must, especially in this day and age. The traditional marketing platform have been used and abused so much over the past couple of years that their effectively has somewhat dwindled. However, off beat marketing platform such as exhibitions are still quite effective and help brands to gain long term results and build strong consumer – brand relationship. Exhibitions can be profitable to your brands in many ways.

To make the most of exhibitions can dominate the show you need an exceptional exhibition booth setup. A good exhibition stand design and build will help you be the star of the show, get the desired attention and impress your audience. You may wonder how an exhibition booth setup can achieve so many things. Some brands just treat their exhibition booths as a structure to house their brands this is the reason they fail to achieve the desired result. If you yourself treat your brand off handedly so will other. Just like conventional marketing platform, at exhibitions too, you need to impress the audience at first glance. The fair group is occupied with various brands and naturally audience are majorly attracted towards booths that are impressive than to those that are mediocre. Not only this, a good exhibition booth set up be it a custom or exhibition stand rental embodies the brand image. It is a reflection of your brand and tells a story that is solely exclusive to your brand. It emphasizes your marketing campaign and brings attention to your key marketing message.

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There are many exhibition booth designers that claim to provide you with exclusive and distinct design concept. They might even provide you with inspired 3D designs raising your expectation only to fail you on the D-day with their substandard quality. Hence, it is important that you do your background research and know exactly want to want for your show. When you have some knowledge and are clear about your requirements it not only becomes easier to communicate with your exhibition booth designers but you can yourself come up with exhibition booth ideas since no one knows your brand better than you do. Therefore you need to invest in a good exhibition booth setup whenever you are participating in an exhibition. With so many exhibition stand design options available in the market, it is easy to get confused. Hence, it is prudent to consult a booth designer who is not only experienced but is also familiar with the conventions and demographics of exhibition stands in Europe.

Excellent Exhibition booth setup ideas

Expo Exhibition Stands are experts at exhibition booth design. They are richly experienced in a variety of shapes and designs that will be suitable for your brand. We have been in the business of building exhibition booths since 1979. We’ve executed well over 900 exhibition stand designs and several exhibition booth ideas for our clients across Europe. We have an in-house team of exhibition booth designers building your booth design and Exhibition Stand Graphics at our in-house manufacturing and printing unit in Europe, we also provide additional price-inclusive services whether you choose an exhibition booth rental or buy one. Which includes on-site assembly and dismantle for you exhibition booth, furthermore, our team will always be in touch with you no matter where you’re exhibiting in Europe. Since we have offices and warehouses at Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherland, France, Belgium, France, and Spain, we can easily provide you with quick delivery and a rapid response.

So contact Expo Exhibition Stands for bespoke exhibition booths and a hassle-free exhibiting experience.



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