Effective Tools For Next Trade Show’s Success

Ever wondered how do you measure the success or influence of your trade after the show ends? Well, as an exhibitor you will be outing in a lot of effort time, investment of money and labor, employees, trade show booth designs, trade show contractors and builders who would working day and night to put up a successful show. But after all this, how do you know if you have successfully out across a worthwhile show that offer you a range of benefits and return on your investment. How do you measure if it is a success?While you keep thinking the answer, we are here to solve all your queries!

We know and understand that trade shows are a ton of work and require a lot of effort and passion to out across an amazing show that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience. There are a number of things that need to be on your priority list when it comes to trade shows. Right from picking the best trade show booth ideas to grabbing the audience through attractive and appealing booth design, you need to make sure that no stone is left unturned at your next trade show. Your booth designers would come up with a range of trade show display ideas but what is the use if you cannot measure the success effectively!

Attracting people to your creative trade show booth is just half the battle but after all, if you can’t convert them into potential leads or don’t keep track of the footfall. Then all that you have done is put on a good show at the trade fair. So avoid that and pay attention ahead to know how you can gauge success for your trade show.

In order to gauge the success of your trade show, it is important to carefully examine each of the aspects that include trade show booth ideas, when we ask you examine, we mean that you have consider what is the ultimate business goal that you want to achieve by participating in the show.

Is exhibiting just another facet your want to cover in your 360°marketing campaign? In that case a trade show booth rental might suffice.

Or do you plan to exhibit around the year? If so, what you do hope to gain? Will you keep track of your designated ROI at every show? Or is there are your milestones measured overall?

Or are you exhibiting to promote your product? Is your objective to generate sales at the booth or to just inform attendees about your new product line?

The effectiveness of the tools we are going to listed will be affected by the ROI you define for your show presence. Analyzing and gauging the success of your trade show can be measured using some of the simple tools that you should keep handy. Wondering what are these tools? Well, no more trouble finding them as we shortlist the best of the four tools that bring together the success of your trade show.

Here are some of the tools that you must keep handy to gauge the success of your trade show apart from the primary trade show booth ideas:


A simple tool that is handy, spreadsheets are free of cost and can be managed even by an amateur. Spreadsheets are a lifesaver for collecting and collating data. Everyone uses them and everyone is familiar with them. There are several free web tools online that provide you with spreadsheets, making them accessible and easy to use.

Reading the sales deals and the data can be easy by using the same through spreadsheets. You can manually keep a record of your prospective clients who visit you at the trade show. Attracted to the trade show booth ideas or by the appealing trade show graphics, there can be a large group of trade show visitors at your booth but how do you make each of them count? This is simple through keeping the track on a spreadsheet. You can always hire booth staff who is full-time responsible for taking the leads into consideration and converting the same through converting them into sales.

Lead management software

There are different types of lead management software that can help you track the success of your trade show. You must be investing a lot more on the trade show booth design ideas or trade show graphics but have you ever thought of investing in a lead management software? If not then do it now.

Some of the popular types of lead management software are Eloqua, Marketo, ActOn, to name a few. It is always recommended to compare this different lead management software and pick the one that suits your specific needs and preferences.

These software help you to create email templates, do follow-ups (which are an intricate part of measuring success of the trade show), etc. The best part is that they let automate a lot of these processes so that you can focus on analytics and let your sales people manage sales conversions instead of spending their precious time on creating reports and e-mail templates.

Managing leads in a crucial part of participating in an exhibition show. Even the best trade show booth design won’t make a return on their investment without actively using their sales teams and making plans to actively pursue, sort and qualify potential leads. All the attractive tradeshow booth designs are being funded to inform attendees about their brand and meet potentially new leads. Most of the exhibitors forget about measuring the success of a trade show while they focus mostly on trade show booth ideas and trade show display ideas. Keep these handy tools in mind and include them as a part of the trade show planning.

Social media management tools

To manage social media during your trade show appearance is not easy.  Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are often get updated in real time. Being able to collect and display tweets and hashtags will help improve your trade show success. Good softwares can automatically collect the relevant tags and display tweets. Softwares such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and SocialOomph will help you manage your social media accounts using a dashboard system. Their dashboard interface will help to customise your tweets, engage visitors with live polls, let you moderate your social space, and provide you with a variety of advertising analytics.

There are also several trade show booth design softwares that work social media management softwares to create social walls for trade show stands. These social walls can be used to display the best tweets and messages about your booth on a large screen in real time. Everwall and Tagboard are some of the most robust tools, to help you integrate social walls into your booth design.

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