How A 20×20 Trade Show Rental Booth Design Can Help You Stand Out At Trade Shows

How A 20×20 Trade Show Rental Booth Design Can Help You Stand Out At Trade Shows

Exhibiting products at trade shows and events is a core element of the marketing strategies launched by most companies. A standard trade show is usually full congested and bustling trade booths to creatively lure in potential customers or curious third-party businesses.

To be successful in this competitive arena, your trade show rental booth design should be creative and original. From high-quality exhibit graphics to various details such as flooring, lighting and accessories, making the best choices is crucial to your success.

Want to make a lasting impression at your next big trade show? Here are some unique and creative trade show rental booth design ideas to help you garner attention and generate more buzz at your trade show, industry event or convention.

Combine Social Media with LCD Displays

LCD displays are very attractive and could be an excellent tool to attract attention to your trade show booth, particularly when they are coupled with some type of fun and interactive content.

Alienware, a famous gaming laptop brand, attracted plenty of attention using its eye-catching LCD displays to showcase tagged Instagram photographs from the event. This gave trade show attendees the chance to become a vital part of the company’s exhibit. Although any visual content can do the trick, nothing can beat interactive content.

It gives attendees the opportunity to feel like they are a part of your trade show exhibit and you would notice more foot traffic, more attention and a higher level of interest from your prospective clients.

Visual impact can help your trade show rental booth design stand out from other brands on the event floor. So, make sure you use suitable colors depending on your brand that provide maximum impact. Also, include a few big images on display areas such as banners to show off what you have got to offer.

Keep Your Booth Cozy, Simple and Friendly

If you are the owner of a relatively small business and have a low budget for your trade show, it seldom makes any financial sense to compete with resourceful competitors.

Rather, a better way to stand out from the crowd is keeping your 20×20 trade show rental booth friendly and simple. A great example of this brilliant strategy in practice is the Small Batch Smoked Meats trade show booth by Duke at the popular Natural Foods Expo. This is because it feels like a welcoming family-owned restaurant.

Keep in mind that when your competition is going big, there are a few unique benefits in staying small. In case your brand intends to be approachable, friendly and down to earth, at times, you would attract more attention (and higher quality attention) if you spend less.

Offer Space for Socializing and Interaction

On the other hand, if you have the budget and resources for a larger exhibit, offering your attendees comfortable space to chat, relax, and socialize is an excellent way to turn your 20×20 trade show rental booth into an ideal meeting spot.

An excellent example of this strategy was GE’s booth at WindPower held in 2013. Rather than the conventional informational booth, GE used a larger and welcoming exhibit in order to bring in more attendees and start lively conversations.

A nice aspect of this valuable strategy is that it tends to work on both a small and large scale trade shows. For example, in case you have a limited space to work with, a comfy sofa or armchair can be all that is really required to attract attendees to your rental booth and get interesting and meaningful conversations started.

Give Your Attendees a Memorable Experience

An excellent way to stand out from the crowd at your trade show is offering a unique and memorable experience to your customers that other exhibitors simply cannot match.

For example, Michelin leveraged this idea quite successfully at the North American Auto Show held in Detroit in 2014. Rather than merely displaying their tire range, the company’s booth let customers be the tire and feel each and every bump using a computer simulation.

At times, a unique and distinct experience is the most effective way to capture attention and create incredible memories for your attendees.

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