How to choose the best location for your exhibition stand?

Selecting the right booth location can be done quickly by looking through the exhibition floor plan. But the availability of the ideal stand space is totally dependent on how much early you book for an exhibition. For this, you need to first decide which kind of stand space would suit your brand objective for exhibiting and what are the various marketing strategies that you are planning to promote.

If you are exhibiting for the first time, you might wait for the booking to get additional discounts but remember that this would limit the choices for the selection.

The best way to find about the right space is to visit the exhibition this year if you plan to participate next year. This will help you analyze which would be the right space for your exhibition stand to stand apart from the crowd.  You could also decide whether you should buy a stand or go for exhibition stands hire. While analyzing, you can also find out which exhibition areas attract the highest traffic.

There are many experienced exhibition stand contractors that suggest having booths near cafes, seating areas and toilets are likely to gather high traffic compare to other areas. Check for the columns in your exhibition stands space because it has a lot of impact on your available display area.  Also, find out which company is going to exhibit beside you. If it is a large company than it can work in your favour since their high traffic will help you in pulling potential customers. Moreover, ensure the height restrictions details of exhibition stand from your organizers.

Exhibiting is a powerful marketing medium. If conducting suitably it can yield high return on your investment. To ensure that your exhibition participation is conducted in a fashion that bring maximum exposure to your brand you need to carefully plan and execute your presentation.

There are a lot of preparations involved when you exhibit. Every small detail can greatly influence the overall performance. A tiny mistake made can have a domino effect, resulting in below average performance and outcome. From selecting the right exhibition stand design company, exhibition stand design, exhibition ideas to the exhibition booth space; every detail matters. Hence it is essential you chalk out a carefully curated plan for your show.

Many exhibitors often undermine the importance of picking the right spot for your exhibition booth. A good exhibition space can play a major role in pulling the crowds towards your booth and even gives you ample scope to experiment with exhibition ideas and exhibition stand design. If you wish to participate in a specific exhibition and are well-equipped with the necessary exhibition systems and materials, choosing a good spot for the same can be a tedious task!

Here are some tips to determine the best, strategic location. But first and foremost, it is extremely important that:

There are visitors on this location, the more the better

Your exhibition stand attracts attention, and

Your exhibition stand can grab more visitors

It sounds quite and it indeed is.

Attraction and engagement is a must

Have you thought how to get people involved in exhibition stand? Having the best exhibition stand is essential but if you don’t attract people with exciting offers or unique engagement ideas, they won’t stay at your stand for long. You could try various elements that will help in making your stand interactive.




Estimation of the best stand location

Finalizing your exhibition booth space should be a well thought out process. In order to make a good estimation with regard to the best possible exhibition stand location, you have to consider these below mentioned factors:

Seminars and lectures

Terrace or catering on the exhibition floor


Stands in the course

Space around your exhibition stand



Seminars and lectures

Many exhibitions have seminars or conduct readings on a certain theme within the field of the corresponding exhibition. Usually, these gatherings are held in a conference room which is directly connected to the “exhibition floor”. Many visitors plan a visit to the exhibition as they wish to participate in such a seminar. The space around this conference room might be a perfect location for your exhibition stand as it generates “traffic” and you can be certain that your exhibition stand will attract the potential attendees at this booth space.




Terrace – catering on the exhibition floor

Another example of such a “stop” or “assembly point” is a terrace serving snacks or drinks. Visiting an exhibition is an exhausting activity, so places where visitors can sit down, relax and eat or drink are usually interesting places for your exhibition stand or exhibition equipment as they generate a lot of “traffic”. By the way, it doesn’t necessarily mean those people are attracted to your exhibition stand but you can be sure that your exhibition booth will get tremendous attention and even a few visits!



Special attractions on the exhibition which are organized by the organization or fellow-exhibitors generate extra “traffic” as well. Majority of the visitors at the show are bound to pay a visit to these ‘attraction’.  Usually, many activities are organized on trade fairs, causing people to stop and take a look. Fellow-exhibitors which are located near a company organizing such an attraction might benefit from it.

Special actions or attractions are often organized in close consultation with the exhibition organizer. Sometimes these organizers must even grant his permission. It might be useful to enquire about such things. With the help of our creative ideas for exhibition stand, your brand is sure to get noticed at the show.

Exhibition stands ‘in the course’

Corner stands, which are one side open exhibition booths, usually get the most attention if the open side of the stand is situated in the course. That’s logical, because it’s the only way people will enjoy your exhibition stand to the fullest. It is therefore important to anticipate the ‘routing’ of visitors. You can never be 100% certain about this routing, but in general people tend to give more/faster attention to stands which are situated on the right side of their route. For this reason stands situated close to the path are popular, although it usually concerns smaller stands.



Just like at other marketing platforms, at exhibitions too you need to keep a tab on your competitors. Make sure you know where all your direct competitors are located. Do you mind if your exhibition stand construction is situated next to or across your competitor’s stand? In some cases the organizer tries to put all companies in the same line of business together in one area, as it will be much more convenient for visitors to find all these suppliers.

What’s your opinion? If you don’t mind or if you even prefer to be situated near your competitor, there is no problem. If not, you should insist on getting another location for your exhibition stand. Of course it doesn’t go for specialist “vertical” exhibition shows, where your stand is surrounded by competitors only.

Try to sign up as fast as possible. Early birds often get discounts and even an added advantage to pick the booth of their preference. Booking early will also enable you to pick a good exhibition stand hire before they get booked by other exhibitors and get even the booth at nominal exhibition stand prices. If you sign up late, there will only be unfavourable locations left. A good relation with the organizer might contribute to finding the best location on the exhibition.

Choosing the right exhibition spot for your booth will help your brand tremendously but ultimately not everyone is successful is booking the most desirable spots. If you have the best exhibition stand design on the show floor, then your brand can still get the desired attention from the crowd, provided you come up with engaging marketing activities and professional and resilient sales teams.

A good place for an exhibition stand is essential for success

With the best exhibition stand, motivated staff and a convincing message, nothing seems to stand in the way of successful exhibition participation. But then your stand must be in a good place. Therefore, consider the tips and considerations in this article critically in advance and choose consciously.

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