Why you should start looking into Interactive Exhibition Stands for your next Show appearance

The exhibition stand industry is a thriving place for various business opportunities. With an exhibition stand rental, you get the opportunity to meet and interact with your target group directly, network with vendors, increase your client-base and introduce or test out products in the market.

With the passing years, the exhibition industry has reinvented itself especially in the past couple of years. Brands and companies have realized the importance of exhibitions and are participating in huge numbers to reap the benefits of this resourceful platform. Exhibition stand companies are changing with times too. They are beginning to understand that every brand is different and needs to be treated differently in order to create an impact on the audience. To accommodate the ever growing market and address their needs exhibition industry had introduced various types of exhibition stands to suit every requirements of the brands and companies. One of the latest inventions to take the market by storm is interactive exhibition stands. These stands are called interactive, since they use engagement tactics such as games, technology and audio/visual tactics to keep visitors engaged with their brand.More and more exhibitors are incorporating interactivity into their exhibition stand, due to having a wide stockpile of tools, schemas and technologies available to use. Exhibition stand designers can bring most interactive exhibition stand ideas, if they have the experience and resources to pull it off.

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Marketing specialists emphasize on live interaction with the brand’s target group. It is one of the most productive and resourceful techniques. To incorporate this technique, exhibition stand companies have come up with interactive exhibition stands.  These stands enable brands to address their clients in a hospitable environment.

Interactive exhibition stands facilitate and promote live interaction with the target audience at their exhibition stands where they can control the pace of the experience. They are especially beneficial when you want to hold interactive sessions in your stand like live demonstrations, Q and A sessions and quizzes and games.The best exhibition stands, execute activities that help to build strong customer relationship and also help to increase brand recall value.Having an interactive stand will help you attract the attention of attendees and also attract potential prospects towards your brand. The engagement that an interactive exhibition stand provides will also help you gauge the interest level of your attendees.

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Why most exhibition stand suppliers will recommend you to incorporate technology?

Over the years, technology has been effectively used to serve as a great medium for interaction. Using technology as one the pillars for your interactive exhibition stand ideas is a great way of increasing traffic at your stand. Technology will certainly help in making a positive impression. You can use a digital screen wall or a VR technology to demonstrate your product or service, photo booths, and graffiti walls.

Making the most of technology during an exhibition will maximize its overall success. VR or interactive games at you exhibition stand can generate curiosity among the visitors and entice them to participate in your games, especially if there is a price involved. All of this will help to increase the traffic rate at your stand. There are various exhibition stand design companies in Europe that help you build an exhibition stand. But make sure to choose a designer who is experienced at building exhibition stands with interactivity as its main engagement pillar.

As you can see from our extensive stand catalog and four decades of experience in the exhibition industry, Expo Exhibition Stands is an exhibition stand design company that you can rely upon for your interactive exhibition stands.We understand the need to have interactive exhibition stands that helps to communicate with your target audience swiftly. That is why; we bring to you state-of-the-art technology oriented designs, with form-fitting exhibition graphics for your stand that help to fulfil the desired outcome.

Backed by a team of highly trained and experienced professional, we ensure you premium quality service. Being a one-stop solution for your exhibiting requirements, we are there beside you at every step right from the conceptualization and designed phase to installation and dismantling phase.We are also one of the leading companies that supply the best exhibition stands custom-built as per your requirements. We have our own in-house fully equipped manufacturing and printing units to build your stand as per the exact standards.Collaborating with us, you can feel rest assured to have an alluring interactive stand that will certainly act like a crowd puller.

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With over three decades of experience in the exhibition industry, Expo Exhibition stands is one of the leading companies in supplying the best exhibition stands built as per your requirements. We have our own in-house fully equipped manufacturing and printing units to build your stand as per the exact standards.



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